What is Pre-Workout Nutrition? How It Boosts Active Performance

Pre-workout Nutrition To Boost Active Performance


Staying fit and active is the trend that has continuously gained popularity in recent years. Be it sports, daily routine or athletics, the spirit of staying ahead of the game is what fuels the passion of every fitness enthusiast to work more hard and smart to achieve their goals. As much as daily practice and determination are important factors to excel in any activity, optimal nutrition in the form of pre-workout supplementation has its rightful reputation in the arena of sports nutrition.


Pre-workout- What all you need to Know!

Any activity requires energy to set your body in motion beforehand to initiate the same efficiently. Although we follow a daily diet to stay fit, it hardly fulfills the nutrition and energy requirement to enhance yourself both physically and mentally. This is supported by Pre-workout! Pre-workout nutrition consists of health essentials such as amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, and muscle activation boosters, etc. which help in improving the physical output of energy to gain maximum out of your workout.


Why pre-workout nutrition is better than just plain water

Pre-workout nutrition benefits the body in multiple ways rather than plain water. Amino acids in pre-workout drinks help to boost the energy of muscles and keep them in peak form for smooth muscular movements. L-arginine in pre-workout nutrition supplements helps to enhance the blood flow by elevating the levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) in blood. This dilates the blood vessels leading to more oxygen and nutrient supply to muscles for more energy production. Intense exercises require descent energy output which can cause exhaustion. This is backed up by L-carnitine which helps in effective utilization of body fats while working out thereby preventing the glucose reserves which are the body’s chief energy stores.

Muscles are like machines that tend to lose their rhythm and effectiveness if not maintained well my eliminating harmful molecules that build up over a period of time. Intense exercise causes the accumulation of free radicals in the body. These are unstable molecules that are formed as the body is subjected to Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress (EXIOS). Best pre-workout supplements in India that contain antioxidants such as lycopene and zinc help to eliminate these free radicals thereby benefiting in the prevention of cell damage.


Timing of Nutrition Matters!!!

Along with adequate proportion, the timescale which needs to be followed for consuming pre-workout drink also plays a significant role. Pre-workout supplements need to be consumed at least 30 minutes prior to starting an activity which will not only make your body prepared for the upcoming activity but also help in energizing the muscles to perform the exercise smoothly and efficiently. Taking the pre-workout supplement at the proper time is the key to maintain the energy and spirit of any workout session and a great way to get rid of early morning dullness as most individuals prefer exercising in the morning. Also for fitness enthusiasts who like to exercise in the evening due to the busy schedules can get the necessary energy boost before hitting the gym, running, cycling, etc.

Preparing yourself beforehand for any activity needs to be very well supported by proper nutrition and supplementation to maintain and enhance the performance and constantly keep upgrading your personal best.

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