Plant Powered Week: An Overview 18th to 24th December, 2020 on Instagram - Fast&Up

Plant Powered Week: An Overview 18th to 24th December, 2020 on Instagram

Fast&Up Science Academy is back with yet another exciting week full of engaging live sessions. “Plant Powered Week” presented by Fast&Up Science Academy aims to spread more knowledge on Plant based Nutrition with the help of 10 Experts. These live sessions will be held on official Fast&Up India Instagram page.  

Plant Powered Week - Fast&Up

The main motive behind this Plant Powered Week is to make people realize the rising importance of resorting to plant based nutrition and the possible health benefits that this right nutrition can provide you to make your life better, healthier and happier. This week will ensure you can develop such amazing habits that help you a lifetime to stay fit and healthy.

Plant Powered Week will have ten interesting sessions on Instagram covering a range of insightful topics daily from 18th to 24th of December, 2020. The topics which will be discussed during this week are – 

Plant Powered Week - Fast&Up

Fast&Up has always aimed at providing right information on nutrition to Indian people which will enable them to live a healthy and active lifestyle. You can provide the right Nutrition to yourself with the help of Fast&Up Terra.

Fast&Up Terra has a versatile range of Plant based products which will help you adopt clean nutrition. Organic Spirulina, Active Greens, Plant Protein, Curcumin, Joint Care, Wheat Grass and Energy Superfoods are all 100% plant based which are 100% nourishing. Most these products are based on clinically tested ingredients, are gluten free, soy free and contain no added sugar. Fast&Up Terra is Raw, Unprocessed and Natural which helps you enjoy clean and high quality Nutrition.

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To know more on Plant Powered Week and Fast&Up Terra, visit – 

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