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Plant Based Recipes to Enhance Recovery

Plant Based Recipes to Enhance Recovery

Eating appropriately after your workouts is one of the most crucial things you can do to assist improve your workouts. With a growing number of people switching to a more plant-based diet, there is a disbelief that plant-based meals are less effective for recovery than animal - based foods.

Recovery is just as vital as well-planned and executed training sessions when it comes to athletic performance. Athletes should take advantage of an enhanced fuelling window in recovery, which runs from the completion of an exercise to up to three hours thereafter. It is critical for an athlete's general health and recovery to consume certain foods throughout this time.

There are several plant-based recipes which are great for enhancing post workout recovery. Some of them are:

post workout recovery - Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

Something as basic as an avocado toast can be one of the best foods for your recovery. Toast 2 slices of gluten free whole grain bread and add half or ¾ of an Avocado in slices over it. Hit it with some siracha, salt or chilli flakes to add some taste and spice and smash it with the fork on the top of the bread.

post workout recovery - Tofu Rolls

Tofu Rolls

Soy products have all the necessary amino acids and these aminos are very important for enhancing recovery. It's also high in plant-based calcium, which athletes require for good bone health. If the texture is bothering you, consider combining silken tofu into a fruit smoothie for a nutrient-dense recovery drink.

post workout recovery - Red Lantil Dal

Red Lentil Dal

Living in India, everyone has at least once in their life had this “protein soup” or a dal made with the mixture of spices, masoor dal and lentils. These are a little faster to cook than the green foods, but they have a similar nutritional profile. Dal is a popular comfort food due to the liberal use of ghee or fat in its preparation. This recipe utilises coconut milk instead of ghee to keep things vegan. This indicates that your meal will be digested more quickly.

plant-based recovery supplements

Lastly, there are also plant-based recovery supplements available which are completely organic and easy to consume. For example, Fast&Up’s Plant Based muscle recovery is available in an effervescent form which means you can consume it on the go by just dropping it in 250ml glass of water. The tablet is 100% Vegan with anti-inflammatory properties to help enhance recovery post workouts.

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