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A movement has started to try and help the community of disabled people in an impactful & inspiring way and we couldn't be more proud to be associated with it. THE SWACHHABILITY RUN? hydrated by Fast&Up? was started by Major DP Singh? a Kargil war veteran who lost his leg in the war and is now a proud blade runner who is the first Indian amputee to run a half marathon and a 4-time Limca book record holder The SwachhAbility Run is a 7-day long-running event that starts from Chandigarh and finishes in New Delhi and aims to use sport as a medium of inclusion for the disabled in society and to aspire them to not let disabilities be a hindrance to their passion The run celebrates the spirit of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3 and has the theme of? A Run for all, Cleanliness by all? in tandem with the Swacch Bharat initiative by the government.

Each year this run ends with a cleanliness drive to be undertaken by all the runners themselves which only enhances the humility of this initiative Major DP Singh himself runs a group for people with disabilities called? The Challenging Ones? where he aims to make a difference to more than 1100 lives by encouraging them to be limitless and unstoppable and The SwachhAbility Run is only a step further in achieving this goal Rightly said by Major DP Singh? ?Ability is the state of mind and every adversity should be created into an opportunity? and we couldn?t agree more with it. People with such passion only deserve the best in nutrition and we are humbled to have a chance to do so at the SwachhAbility Run 2016 Watch the video to know more about the beautiful spirit of The SwachhAbility Run : [vc_video link=""]