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Fast&Up Recovery Kit: Optimum Nutrition for Superior Recovery

Nutrition is one of the fundamental aspects of superior health, wellbeing and vitality. Appropriate nutrition is very important, particularly when the body is recovering, post infection. When the body is in its healing process, it naturally needs higher amounts of energy and fluids, and therefore it is pivotal to fuel the system with the perfect combination of nutrients than usually needed otherwise.

The best foods for recovery are rich superfoods which include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Many essential nutrients may get used up and depleted faster when the immune system is recovering from an infection, particularly nutrients like vitamin C, and D, Zinc, Proteins, N-Acetyl Cysteine, etc.

Nutrition, in the form of proteins, vitamins, etc., is important for maintaining the skeletal muscle and reducing metabolic disturbances in the body during recovery. It boosts WBC action, helping your body combat the infection in a more effective manner.

Consuming an adequate amount of the essential vitamins and minerals through diet and nutritional supplements will speed up the complete recovery process, help repair damaged tissues, promote antibody production, enhance immune response and revamp the lost stamina.
Many dietary ingredients are determinants of gut microbial compositions, helping in powering the body’s immune response. It is not just a single nutrient, but a perfect combination of immunity boosting nutrients that will prevent chronic illnesses and reduce the risks of complications during an existing infection.  

Nutrition Essentials for Recovery

Fast&Up with its unique recovery kit aims to spread wellness, health and improve the quality of life so that you & your loved ones are ready to embark on the road to robust and sustainable recovery, achieving overall health. The kit has a complete range of nutritional supplements that will foster holistic health and daily wellbeing.

The Recovery Kit has been curated with the help of doctors and medical experts. It comprises high quality and clean nutritional supplements like Multivitamins + Beetroot, N-Acetylcysteine + Vitamin C, Zinc + Tulsi which are considered essential for recovery and for restoring good health.

So, how do these nutrients help in the process of efficient recovery? 

Nutrition for Recovery

1. Fast&Up Vitalize - Multivitamins + Beetroot Extract

Ideal Combination of 12 Vitamins, 9 Minerals & Natural Beetroot extract that helps provide daily vitamins and minerals to help stay active and energized throughout the day. These 21 essential vitamins, assist in several essential roles during recovery which include metabolic activities, anti-inflammatory action, and immune boosting functions. They create a powerful synergy to help fill nutritional gaps, positively influence healing, help energize the body and manage fatigue, promoting overall health and maintenance. Deficiency in these vital Vitamins could lead to an impaired immune response.

Beetroot with multivitamins also helps to enhance lost stamina, contributes in maintaining heart health and supports recovery process.

2] Fast&Up N-Acetylcysteine - NAC + Vitamin C

Formulated with 600 mg N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) + 40 mg Vitamin C, this dual action formula is recommended by doctors and medical experts for lung recovery and to help maintain lung and respiratory health. It is effective in building antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help repair cells from oxidative and inflammatory damage, thereby strengthening your immune system. These powerful respiratory antioxidants in effervescent format promotes lung healing and also helps protect from damage. N –acetylcysteine helps in loosening thick mucus in the lungs and in combination with Vitamin C, it helps to enhance immunity by preventing cell damage caused by free radicals and limiting the damage caused by oxidative stress.

3] Fast&Up Zinc - Zinc + Tulsi

Known for their antiviral property and their crucial role in inhibiting multiplication of virus in the body, combination of Zinc and Tulsi helps strengthen the weakened immune system and promotes recovery to regain health and wellness. With 12 mg Elemental Zinc and 20 mg Tulsi extract, Fast&Up Zinc provides 100% RDA of Zinc to help fulfil daily requirements of Zinc.

Zinc acts as Gatekeeper for Immune Functions and Low Zinc can be a threat to the immune system. Tulsi has also been traditionally known to boost defences against infective threats by enhancing immune responses. Modern research has revealed that Tulsi has anti-viral activity which is extremely useful for efficient recovery.

A common problem observed is that during recovery, your appetite is likely to decrease and the taste changes, with an imbalance in the hunger hormone levels for several days in some cases. However, during this critical period of recovery, proper intake of nutrients is a must.

Fast&Up Recovery Kit that comprises Fast&Up Vitalize, Fast&Up N-Acetylcysteine, and Fast&Up Zinc which are offered in delicious and refreshing flavours that are highly palatable. There are numerous benefits of its effervescent nutrition technology, including:

  • Faster Nutrient Absorption
  • Higher Bioavailability
  • Higher Water Intake
  • Easier Consumption
  • No Nutrient Loss
  • Delicious Taste with Low Sugar

Apart from these vital nutrients, Protein plays a significant role in the recovery process as well. The essential amino acids protect against harmful pathogens, exhibit anti-inflammatory action, reverse muscle loss, and assist in antibody production. Consuming a high protein diet of about 1-1.2 grams per kg body weight every day is highly recommended for its immunoregulatory function during recovery. Taking a good quantity of lentils, pulses, milk products, nuts and seeds as you can in the diet could help re-build the lost muscle strength. Animal protein such as lean meat, chicken, fish and eggs can be included those that are non-vegetarians to increase stamina. Supplementation, as advised by your healthcare provider, can also be a great option. Sipping protein shakes between meals can be a healthy and tasty way of fulfilling your body’s protein requirements.

At Fast&Up, our strength is nutrition and tried to help the society with the best we can. With our ongoing #HealPrayLove campaign, we’ve taken an initiative to help our front-line heroes with the nutrition support we can provide in the best of our capacity in the cunner situation. We have pledged to donate nutrition kits worth Rs. 625 to the front-line warriors for all their immense efforts around the clock to keep us safe. The kit contains Fast&Up Reload – Electrolytes to help refuel their sweat lost in PPE kits and long hours of duty, Charge - Vitamin C + Zinc to help strengthen their immune system and Vitalize - Multivitamins + Beetroot to help them stay active and energetic throughout the day.


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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Vaishnavi Gadi

-Expert and Writer