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Can You Still Get The Omicron Variant Even After Vaccination

The answer is Yes!

According to the Times of India dated 17th January 2022, the number of active cases now stands at 15,50,377. A total of 7,743 Omicron cases have been detected with an increase of 28.19% since Saturday.

Omicron has been spreading at a rapid rate, but however, those who are fully vaccinated achieve milder symptoms or none at all. Research is still moving on at a faster pace. However, not all vaccines can be 100% effective in the prevention of infection. 

Omicron Variant

Here are some following tips that one can follow to keep them safe during this pandemic

  • Be careful with your Diet and exercise!

Diet and exercise can help one feel relaxed and healthy. Eating a lot of fruits and healthy greens can help one obtain a healthy immune system, consuming a lot of vitamin C rich fruits. Hydration is the key from catching any mild symptoms like fatigue and nausea. Hence it is essential to consume hydration supplements that contain essential electrolytes or NAC supplements that help in the cleansing of lungs. Steaming and practicing yoga can clean the lungs and cause a feeling of positivity in one. 

Be careful with your Diet and exercise - Onicron Measures

  • No Need to Panic:

Freaking out is not the answer, stress can cause any situation to worsen it more. Panicking can often cloud ones judgment and cause them to take the wrong decisions. Research shows that getting a COVID booster shot is about 75% effective against Omicron. And getting vaccinated can help prevent from the severity of infection caused and quiet unlikely to be hospitalized.

  • If Any Symptoms, Call your Doctor:

If you feel that you have contacted any of the symptoms it is vital to speak to a healthcare provider or a Doctor. Especially a doctor who knows your medical history and can guide you in the right direction. This can prevent you from getting into any serious condition. Even after vaccination you come in contact with any person who is positive with COVID it is recommended to get tested.

  • Isolation is the Best Prevention:

Even not having COVID and still being in isolation is important, this means preventing one from even getting infection. Even if you have mild symptoms it is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) a 5 day isolation as long as the symptoms are resolved.
Especially those who have a weakened immune system need to be more cautious and need to take extra precautions. And those who live in a large family setting or in crowded areas.

Mask up - Omicron Variant

  • Mask up!

Wearing a mask is equally important as staying in isolation. Especially in highly crowded settings. Wearing a mask can reduce the chance of contacting any symptoms. The CDC recommends that even those who are vaccinated should wear a mask indoors in public spaces. If one has contacted COVID in the family, it is recommended that all the family members wear a mask and isolate the infected member.

It has been observed that in many those who were vaccinated and got infected did show mild symptoms unlike those who were not vaccinated. We know that vaccines may not be perfect but they seem to be pretty close to reduce symptoms. Hence, it is vital to mask up, exercise regularly and optimize healthy eating consume a lot of hydration supplements and eat the right foods.

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