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Covid-19 Variant Omicron: Symptoms and Precautions to take

Published : Dec 02, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

Covid-19 Variant Omicron

COVID-19 infection, which began to spread in 2019 in China, has now affected the entire globe including India. The virus has mutated several times into Alpha, Delta etc. variants and the most recently found variant known as “Omicron”, is known to be spreading at a fast pace and has led to global alarm. This variant was first discovered in South Africa and the WHO (World Health Organization) has classified this variant as a “Variant of Concern”.

What is known so far about the variant Omicron?

An early assessment of the variant concluded that it is even more transmissible than the other variant, spreads even faster than Delta variant and may invade immunity offered by current vaccines (more studies need to be conducted to validate this point).

Various health authorities across the world are continuously monitoring the new variant. One of the most important findings has been that it is more dangerous in terms of transmissibility and severity, then the previously found infections.

The WHO says that this variant possess ‘very high risk’ as it has an unprecedented number of spike mutations to harshly affect the human body. If the spread of this coronavirus variant is not controlled immediately then it can lead to an increase in covid cases worldwide.

Symptoms of South African variant Omicron

The doctor who first spotted the variant expressed the severity of its symptoms as extremely mild. However, recent findings from WHO are contrary to this statement. She found that the Covid-19 patient with Omicron strain didn't have a sore throat but a scratchy throat with no cough nor any loss of taste or smell unlike in the cases of previously detected variants. Other symptoms include extreme tiredness, mild muscle ache and slightly high fever.

What precautions should one take to be safe from the virus?

Covid-19 Variant Omicron Precautions

The experts across the globe still stress upon the importance of getting vaccinated in order to limit the effects of the virus. They suggest that vaccination is the way to bring an end to this pandemic situation. This will help to lessen the burden over the health system of the country.
Other precautionary measures include following the COVID-19 protocols, such as maintaining social distancing, washing hands or sanitizing hands regularly, wearing a mask in public places or even double masking, if possible. In addition, strengthening your body's defense system, i.e. strengthening your body's immunity, will help to fight against such viruses.

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