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Nutritionists recommended Immunity Boosters

Taking appropriate measures to ensure a healthy immune system is imperative as it serves as a barricade that evades any attack from bacteria and viruses to the body. If you do not fall ill quite often, you owe it to your immunity. How do you strengthen your daily immunity? Eating the right foods is an integral part, yes. But long with it, one needs to get their 8 hours of daily sleep, be physically active and manage their stress levels. In such times of the pandemic, taking care of your immunity is the key to keep a safe distance from the virus.

Here are a few immunity boosting foods that nutritionist trust and recommend that one person consumes in order to take care of their immunity

Green Vegetables

Here is to the biggest promoters of “Eat your Greens”, our mothers. Well she is not wrong. Green vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibre, and play a vital role in amping up your overall immunity. A healthy gut keeps you healthy. Majority of our immune cells are found in the gut. Eating a good amount of green leafy vegetables keeps your gut in optimal health as they have a bioactive compound that releases a chemical signal that optimizes gut health.


One of the natural immunity boosters and commonly used spices in Indian households, Turmeric of Haldi, is used in a variety of dishes, curries and also to make home remedies to treat illness. An anti-inflammatory compound, curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric that is found in its roots. Consuming turmeric based remedies during a cold or flu would be beneficial. It aids in healing wounds, treating ailments, improving digestion and enhances antibody response. 

Nutritionists recommended Immunity Boosters - Fast&up

For the first time in India, here is all the goodness of curcumin in the form of effervescent immunity supplement, in Fast&Up Curcumin. A combination of curcuminoids, along with the power of ginger, black pepper and zinc, Curcumin provides complete immunity protection and higher bioavailability than other supplements.

Citrus fruits

The main reason to consume citrus fruits is to reap the benefits of Vitamin C, which our body does not produce on itself, hence consuming citrus fruits daily could be beneficial. Citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C that promotes the production of White Blood Cells in the body. These cells are responsible for keeping infections at bay. Many people turn to citrus fruits when they catch a cold or flu as citrus fruits reduce the duration of the cold or flu.

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Abhiram Kishor

-Expert and Writer

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