5 Nutrition Trends to Follow

Published : Sep 22, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

    Nutrition Trends to Follow - Fast&Up

    ‘FOMO’ is Fear of Missing Out and with a word linked to fear, it’s obvious that no one wants to wander even near this.

    Then why miss out on the interesting Nutrition Trends followed by everyone? Now, you don’t have to because we have compiled the top trending Nutrition habits followed currently in 2021, so you stay updated to the point.

    So, are you ready for The 5 Top Nutrition Trends in 2021?

    There we go,

    1. Food for mind: 

    Food for mind - Nutrition Trends 2021

    With the focus shifting towards acknowledging the importance of good mental health, the movement is growing stronger than ever. And this has led all of us to understand how vital it is to stay mentally fit and to talk about our mental problems.

    Now, food related to mind might sound stupid but it is true. While nutrition cannot cure anxiety or stress, it has been known that consuming a rich diet does have a positive effect on your mind. Especially antioxidants, which are known for reducing your stress and there are such products that can help in stress relief and in maintaining a good mental health.

    2. What a pandemic taught us:

    Immunity Foods - Nutrition Trends 2021

    With the wave of pandemic that gushed through the world, one important lesson was preached, ‘Immunity’. While immunity is not a new concept, its exceptional importance was reminded by this pandemic year.

    And keeping this in mind, ensure that you don’t miss out on those essential nutrients and supplements that can boost your immunity. Because keeping your health safe is a priority and this can only be achieved when your immunity is at its peak. So, with the plethora of immunity boosters in the market, ensure that you introduce immunity in your diet.

    3. Protein is for everyone:

    Protein Foods - Nutrition Trends 2021

    The heading is pretty obvious because we all need protein from our diet, but here we’re talking about protein powders. Yes, it did spark in you that age old stereotype that protein powders are only required for weight lifting people.

    And this is the stereotype the year 2021 is slowly shattering. Protein is essential for all and thereby, protein powders can be consumed by ALL. You don’t require to be a weightlifter or a gym-enthusiast for it, because everyone needs to complete their daily protein intake and protein powders do exactly that. And now with plant proteins coming up in the market, you can complete your daily protein intake without changing your vegan lifestyle.

    4. Shift to Veganism:

    Vegan Foods - Nutrition Trends 2021

    With the movement of climate change taking full force in 2021, this has also influenced a significant shift towards the sustainable diet trend of Veganism. Veggies have always been a constant part of our diet as kids, with our parents urging us to finish our veggies.

    And veggies have indeed made a comeback. With the diet trend exploring vegan alternatives the shift is prominent and for a good cause. So hop on the vegan trend for a better cause and because you don’t have to worry about nutrition intake since with veganism came along various supplements that focus on providing everyone with complete nutrition.

    5. Intermittent Fasting:

    How many times have you read an influencer talk or mention intermittent fasting?

    A lot many times for sure.

    And this has let intermittent fasting occupy our list. With good diet, it becomes crucial to know when to eat and intermittent fasting tries to provide us with a method to eat at the right interval. It focuses on maintaining a gap of more than 12 hours followed by an eating window of 6-7 hours. While we don’t ensure that the results of intermittent fasting are positive and don’t guarantee for it, we have to admit that it is indeed a growing diet trend.

    With so many varieties of diet trend out there, we tried to incorporate 5 of the most interesting and prominent one’s which we found to be extremely trendy. So hop on the trend caravan and don’t miss out on anything.

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