Nutrition & Training Guide for Football Players

Published : Dec 24, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    Any professional player these days covers almost over 10km in a 90-min game. Hence, it's just not about increasing your lung's capacity but the game's demands have stepped up so exponentially that being more explosive & power efficient is much more critical than ever.

    Training & Nutrition guide of FC - Fast&Up

    Here's one of the football fitness training regimes you can do:

    1.Being able to run for days

    Find an open space where you can sprint or get on a treadmill. Interval training is not a usual stamina builder but that's what you'll find many premier league players do to help boost their VO2 Max (the rate at which one's body can consume oxygen during exercise)
    Drill – Perform five minutes of jogging plus five minutes of tempo-run. Repeat this for 4 sets. Try adding footwork around cones while you are sprinting.

    2.Quick change of direction

    It's all great if you're fast, but if that, but if that ends at straight-line pace then you'll be restricted at the wings. All Football players should be able to quickly change direction at any moment too without any risk of being injured while keeping the ball well under control all the time
    Drill – At a slow pace slalom through 10-15 cones arranged in a zig-zag manner and back again, increasing your pace gradually, your foot steering the ball throughout.

    3. Rock solid Core Stability

    You'll be astonished to look past Lionel Messi when he evades defenders through amazing balance & speed, this pintsized player is on another level to the rest of his competitors. Now not all of us are blessed with such skills & a low center of gravity though. The trick here is to build a rock-solid core.

    True core stability will come from adding some unstable exercises to your routine – Squatting on a Bosu-ball, Single legged Romanian Deadlift, or plank jacks using a TRX, all of which tests your core & improve its stability while jostling for the ball.
    Drill – Any of the above for 6-7 reps each, with a three-second break. That makes it a set.

    4. Time to Recover

    Sandwiching in training sessions after training sessions during between games leaves not much time to recover. Recovery should be a huge part of your regime too & making sure you do it correctly will also ensure you hit your peak performance.
    Spend at least 10-15 mins of stretching & foam rolling your lower body post every training session.

    This brings us to NUTRITION

    Taking football into consideration, every athlete has to have a proper structure of nutrition. A proper nutrition & diet plan shall be tailored according to the player's BMI, Body Fat-percentage, and his role on the field. Staying consistent on high-quality foods all year round builds a solid base resulting in being able to deliver to the max on their field. Below are the following key points to be considered:

    Constant Hydration –

    Football being an endurance game, it demands players to make sure they are thoroughly hydrated all the time. Especially when there's excessive humidity, athletes tend to lose out on vital body fluids & electrolytes. Fast&Up Reload is a complete hydration drink that aids with instant refueling of electrolytes & salts that are lost via sweat.

    Instant Hydration Supplements for Football Players - Fast&Up

    Fulfilling Protein Requirements-

    Protein is needed to repair the muscle damage that has been done during vigorous training sessions. Consuming lean & high-quality protein-rich foods all the time can really get boring at times. But feeding your body with an adequate amount of protein after every workout is equally important for recovery.

    Fast&Up Plant Protein is a perfect solution to this. One serving of this will give you 34 gm of high-quality plant protein isolate sourced from yellow peas & brown rice. It comes in Rich Ghana Chocolate flavor which makes sure your taste-buds are happy while keeping your diet in check.

    Odisha FC Diet Fast&Up Plant Protein

    All the products from Fast&Up are of high-quality & tested for synthetic and banned substances which makes them completely safe for any athlete’s consumption.

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