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Nutrition Tips for Cricketers

The season on Cricketing Festival is about to begin – IPL 2021 in UAE. While we all are very excited and were eagerly waiting for the second phase of the greatest cricket league to start. The sheer amount of dedication and hard work that athletes put is quite commendable.

Nutrition Tips for Cricketers  

The modern-day cricketers play at such a regular intervention and with bio-bubble involved as well. It has an impact on both physical and mental health and fitness. In this article, let us enlist few tips that helps cricketer stay fit and be at their best.

Role of good nutrition for cricketers?

Cricket matches are played in different conditions such as humid, sunny or cold conditions depending on the venue country and each have different demands. Example, if its humid, one loses out important electrolytes when they sweat with water and replacing the lost electrolytes is important to maintain mental and physical health.

There are other important nutrients that cricketers need for superior performance such as Protein for enhanced recovery and BCAA for intra-activity boost.

Top 3 Tips for Cricketers:

  1. Hydration: When it comes to hydration, most athletes feel that water is enough. But when you sweat, you not only lose out on water but important electrolytes as well. Even slightest of dehydration has a negative impact on performance. Dehydration results in reduced blood flow volume, decreased skin blood flow, decreased sweat rate, higher Glycogen utilization and higher chances of muscle cramps, spasms, stress, exhaustion and muscular injuries. Fast&Up Reload is India’s first Informed Choice certified and recommended by India’s top athletes, coaches, trainers and experts for refueling your hydration demands.
  2. Protein: The difference between winning and losing is the minimal amount of error that happens in the game. To reduce that one has to be at their top of fitness game. To stay at top of the game, one needs to maintain their fitness level and recovery. There is a lot of wear and tear that happens. Hampered recovery results in higher margin of error. Protein helps in muscle protein synthesis, recovery, muscle strength endurance and lean and toned body. On an average, an athletes required around 1.2 to 2.0g/protein per body weight daily.
    Fast&Up provides both Plant and Whey protein to fulfil daily needs of protein for athletes. Both proteins are certified by informed Sport, provide complete amino acid profile and support superior athletic performance. Depending on the diet lifestyle and needs a plant based or whey protein can be consumed.
  3. BCAA: (Branched Chain Amino Acids): The training and the game of cricket involves a lot of intense activity, which results in muscle fatigue, low energy and loss of essentials electrolytes. BCAA which is a combination of 3 important amino acids – Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine helps to delay the onset of fatigue by reducing lactic acid generated during physical activity, clears up uric acid and other toxins generated and provides energy to support activity or in between the game. Fast&Up BCAA is a proprietary formula which consists of 5g instantized BCAA in ideal ratio of 2:1:1 It is Informed Sport Certified BCAA that ensures clean nutrition to cricketers.

Why Supplementation with Fast&Up?

There is profusion of supplements in the hydration, protein and BCAA category. Here, we enlist reasons of what makes Fast&Up supplements a favorite for cricketers -

  • Certified Products
  • High Quality
  • Well-Researched Formulation
  • Trusted by Top Athletes
  • Recommended by Experts, Coaches, Trainer and other Experts

Bottom Line:

The key to superior game performance and being the best involves a mixture of talent, hard-work, balanced diet, supplementation and daily exercise. Supplementing with right nutrition helps to significantly improve performance.
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Jenil Shah

-Expert and Writer