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5 Ways to ensure your Picky Eater gets the needed Nutrition

Nutrition for Picky Eaters

Getting your child to sit on the table to eat is a tough ask to any parent as these young and creative minds are always on their toes. But parents should not worry about this and as kids tend to get picky after they grow a little older. Also, as kids grow they feel less hungry and this makes them become pickier about their food choices.

Habits get generated since your kid is young and if they continue to be picky then you may have to look at some creative ideas to make your picky eater eat the right food to get the needed nutrition.

Here, are 5 strategies to adopt to make your kid get the required nutrition –

1. Make Eating Fun

Making the activity of eating into something which is fun will make your picky eater kid sit on the table and finish his plate. This includes decorating the plate with different coloured food items, cutting food items in different shapes, using colourful plates and bowl, etc. When eating times are happier and joyous, it helps your kid develop healthy and nutrition-filled food habits.

2. Smoothies are Yum!

Smoothies are something which have a great taste and you can add-in all the vital fruits and veggies which you want your kid to have in one delicious drink. Such smoothies are not only tasty but also have many essential vitamins and minerals necessary for your child due to the presence of superfoods, vegetables and fruits.

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3. Make your Kid Cook

Mothers are afraid of the safety of their child when it comes to making them enter the kitchen. But learning cooking can be a good exercise for you to help your kid understand the importance of various nutrients. When kids themselves cook they are more eager to finish their plate. So, make your fussy eater learn various delicacies and let him/her enjoy the food and good health.

4. Include your Kid in deciding the Menu

As a mother, you should include your kid in the decision making process as it again helps them understand why it is essential to eat several food items and get benefits of the minerals and vitamins present in them to live a healthy life. This will make your picky eater eat till his/her tummy is full as they themselves will be the ones who choose to eat a particular item for their meal. 

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5. no to Sugar

Several studies have suggested that too much sugar can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of other diseases. Thus, high sugar intake should be avoided. You have to ensure your picky eater gets healthy fats, high fiber and protein from his daily diet plan. Such food items will help your kid’s body to control the sugar level and keep him healthy, active and running.

Mothers often give certain drinks to their kids which are loaded with high sugar content especially energy drinks. Instead they should choose a much wiser and sugar free drink option. To know more on such sugar free yet tasty drink, click here.

These points will help your picky eater get the needed nutrition from the plate. However, you may find that in spite of doing all these your kid may still not eat properly and that is where you may take help of Nutritional Supplements specially designed for kids keeping their nutritional needs in mind.

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Neel Visaria

-Expert and Writer