Nutrition Diaries Of Mumbai City FC

Published : Dec 24, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    Just like Cars require fuel, Football players need the right nutrition to perform at their best. Do you want to know what nutrition is current table toppers Mumbai City FC players are having to up their game?

    Nutritional Diaries Of Mumbai City FC - Fast&Up

    For all of us, having the right amount of nutrition and a balanced diet helps us complete daily calorie intake in order to ensure smooth daily functioning. If you are a football player one has to have enough energy to sustain high intensity performance to ace a game.

    Football is a team based high intensity sports played with 11 players each side with two halves of 45 minutes with 15minutes break. Indian Super League starts from 20th November to 21st March. So a team has to play a game every 4-5 days, so one has to maintain good nutrition along with best hydration in order to sustain throughout the season and perform at its best.

    Football is a very demanding sport involving high intensity sprinting, running, jogging and sprinting at time one also has to use their speed and agility to control for balls. It has to be observed that a single football match, players can cover almost 10km on an average depending on position and tactics along with other factors. These all patterns result in loss of glycogen fuel from muscle, dehydration and higher chances of injuries. This results in dip in performance in later stages of the matches which would result in one team losing the match in a dying and crucial moment of the match.

    Important Nutrition Aspect Mumbai City FC Player Consume?


    In any football match or even in training session, one has to put forward his best to ensure optimum performance output. In doing so one loses sweat, essential vitamins which leads to dip in performance, higher chances of infections, reduces speed, skill execution and fatigue.

    Nutritional Diaries Of Mumbai City FC Hydration Supplements - Fast&Up

    Fast&Up Reload is the preferred choice of Mumbai City FC when it comes to hydration needs. Reload is India’s first Hypotonic Informed Sport Certified Hydration Drinks that helps in instant hydration and faster electrolytes replenishment. It is formulated with Essential Electrolytes, Vitamins and Minerals and antioxidants. Designed with premium Swiss effervescent technology Reload helps in faster nutrient absorption and action with no GI distress. It is Informed Choice certified and is banned substance tested.

    BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

    There are many people who wonder how BCAA may benefit a football player. BCAA includes three essential amino acids - Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine. There are several reports that suggest BCAA in ideal ratio of 2:1:1 helps to reduce muscle soreness and stimulate protein synthesis.

    Nutritional Diaries Of Mumbai City FC BCAA Supplements - Fast&Up

    Fast&Up BCAA formulated with a proprietary formula which delivers 5g of three essential amino acids in ideal ratio of 2:1:1 along with added muscle activation complex like L-Glutamine for superior muscle recovery, L-Arginine for reducing muscle fatigue, L-Citrulline for Nitric Oxide boost, Taurine for energy along with mix of essential electrolytes and vitamins. Fast&Up BCAA is WADA compliant, Informed Choice Certified and banned substance tested. The ultra-Granulation technology of Fast&Up BCAA ensures rapid absorption with superior taste.

    Protein Power

    While protein is not considered an athlete's primary source of fuel for training, it is a critical part of the support system. Protein is important for football players as it helps to build and repair muscle, assisting with muscle recovery by preventing breakdown and helps build ligaments and tendons that help build muscle health.

    Nutritional Diaries Of Mumbai City FC Plant Protein Supplements - Fast&Up

    Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate with all natural and complete amino acids. It is a well-researched and unique combination of Pea + Brown Rice Protein Isolate with Vegan Coconut MCTs that help boost metabolism and burn fat as a source of energy and Beetroot Extract that is a nitrate rich source which helps boost energy. It is also Informed Sport Certified and WADA compliant. Each scoop of Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate is 100% pure, natural, vegan and formulated with clinically proven ingredients recommended by experts.


    When it comes to Nutrition support one should always trust the best as it would directly have a negative impact on player’s performance and at the end over team as well. All the products by Fast&Up are of high quality and tested for banned substances.

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