NITK Karavali Marathon 2019



NITK Karavali Marathon is in its fourth edition this 2019, the first edition was started as NITK Beach run by celebrating India’s only privately owned college, with the intention of introducing the college students and the staff to a healthier lifestyle.

The basic purpose of NITK Karavali Marathon 2019 is aware of how important it is to count running activities to their daily routine in order to inculcate healthy habits within, along with this the fourth edition of NITK Karavali Marathon is expected to be the biggest edition than ever having cash prizes up to INR 2.5 Lakhs.

NITK Karavali Mountain is also introducing the biggest event of NITK Karavali Mountain Marathon with a Full marathon of 42.2 KM!

NITK Karavali Marathon 


  1. 5km Un-timed Run: No Fees: 7:30am
  2. 5Km Timed Run: INR 200: 7:30am
  3. 10km Timed Run: INR 300: 6:30am
  4. 21.1Km Timed Run: INR 400: 6:00am
  5. 42.2Km Timed Run: INR 500: 5:00am



        At least 16 years for 10km

        At least 18 years for 21.1km and 42.2km


Save the Oceans, NITK Karavali Marathon 2019 is not just a run but also is aiming at spreading awareness about how important the oceans are for the environment and what can be the causes of ocean pollution.

Unite together for something good.


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Date: 13th January 2019

Place: Mangalore, KA

Location: NITK Main Ground 

All the best Mangalore!

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Cash on Delivery is now available
Cash on Delivery is now available