New Covid-19 Variant Omicron and Why is it spreading rapidly across the Globe

Published : Nov 30, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    New Covid-19 Variant Omicron

    The Covid-19 pandemic was by far one of the worst things our world has gone through. The disease caused the world to come at a stand-still for a period of almost 2 years. Thanks to extensive research and development we were able to reduce the threat by vaccinating the population. Just as things started to go back to normal, scientists have now found a new strain to be a mutation of the Covid-19 disease. This variant has come to be known as the ‘Omicron’.

    Omicron started to spread around the month of November 2021 in the South African region. Even though the health implications are still being studied by the scientists, it is confirmed that this variant is potentially fast-spreading compared to the other delta variant which came out earlier this year.

    It is extremely crucial for us to maintain safety protocols amidst the spread of this variant. The variant has showed up cases in, United Kingdom, Belgium and Hong Kong. According to WHO (World Health Organization) this is a variant of concern and many countries are already gearing up with safety measures against this variant.

    Omicron Variant

    The reason why this Omicron variant is something of a concern is because it has shown the ability to evade the immune system and break through the vaccine infections. The delta variant in India was responsible for the 2nd wave of the pandemic in mid 2021. The Omicron variant is said to 6 times more transmissible than the delta variant which according to scientists is the reason for its rapid spread around the globe.

    The Omicron variant has shown milder symptoms in comparison to the delta variant. The current studies suggest that the Omicron variant has symptoms like the previous virus. Some of the common symptoms are fever, weakness, loss of smell, shortness of breath, chest pain and sore throat.

    Omicron Variant in India

    To conclude, the Omicron variant is fast spreading, but on the plus side, scientists believe it is less lethal than the delta variant. People who have been infected with COVID-19 or who have other variants should be extra cautious because this new variant has a high likelihood of reinfection. You can avoid the Omicron variant if you follow all safety precautions and maintain good hygiene.

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