Fast&Up Science Academy Celebrates The National Nutrition Month

Published : Sep 14, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    Fast&Up National Nutrition Month

    In India, September is celebrated as the National Nutrition Month. This month aims to raise awareness about nutrition and healthy eating. The month is dedicated to nutrition and healthy diet to encourage people to develop healthy habits to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Along with this, the National Nutrition Week is also observed every year from 1st to 7th September.

    Proteins, carbs, fiber, fats, minerals and vitamins are some important nutrient that you should get from your diet. By following a healthy diet, you can meet your daily nutrient requirements thereby ensuring strong immune system, improved energy levels, better mental health and superior overall health. A well-balanced diet ensures healthy body and mind.

    Nutrition Month 2021 – Theme:

    The theme for this year is – “Feeding Smart, Right from Start”. This program has been launched by the central government of India to raise awareness and provide accurate information about nutrition and health via workshops and seminars. Various initiatives as well as campaigns are planned and organized during this month to create more awareness among children and adults about benefits of good nutrient-dense diet from a young age.

     How Fast&Up Science Academy will celebrate the Nutrition Month?

    Nutrition has been at the heart of Fast&Up Science Academy since its inception. FSA along with the help of Fast&Up Health Heroes, which include India’s top nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, mental health experts, physiotherapist, pediatricians and other health experts, have always aimed to spread the right awareness and knowledge about good nutrition, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. And this national nutrition month, the motive will be no different.

     Fast&Up Science Academy will celebrate the Nutrition Month

    FSA has amazing plans for all those who want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Experts will provide daily nutrition tips and they will share other key nutritional insights too. Daily updates about amazing facts on nutrition and health. Along with that, there will be many challenges, giveaways, and contest and fun activities as well.

    How can you participate?

    You can be a part of nutrition month by adopting positive changes in the diet. Eat healthy daily, say no to junk food and in case of any nutritional deficiencies, meet them with high-quality nutritional supplements. In addition, you should follow Fast&Up Science Academy (@fastandup_scienceacademy). Here, you will get daily updates on various nutrition and health facts, which will help you become fitter and healthier.

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