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Myths Vs. Facts: Everything You Should Know About Covid19 Vaccine

Published : May 12, 2021 1 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

Vaccination against the coronavirus has begun in the country on a large scale with those above 18 years allowed to take vaccines starting from the month of May. While many have even taken their second dose, some of them are still hesitant to even take the first dose due to various myths and false information which is creating misconceptions about the covid19 vaccines. Let’s burst a few myths and get your facts corrected –

Myth: The Vaccine isn’t safe due to quick rollout

Fact – The vaccination rollout has been quick but safe as it went through a lot of rigorous research, review and approval. Worldwide contribution to develop the vaccine faster has led to quick rollout.

Myth: The Vaccine can cause covid19

Fact – The vaccine uses inactivated virus which cannot cause any harm but can teach the immune system to fight against the active virus. The vaccine focuses on making the immune system learn about how to defend itself from virus attack.

Myth: Previously infected individuals don’t need vaccine

Fact – Recovering from the infection does not ensure lifelong recovery so one must get vaccinated after 60-90 days to stay protected and safe. Vaccination is the best measure to avoid the covid19 scare.

Myth: Masking & other precautions are not needed after getting vaccinated

Fact – The vaccine reduces the risk of getting infected but doesn’t rule out the risk completely. Thus, following all precautions like social distancing, wearing a mask, sanitizing regularly, etc. has to be followed till the pandemic is fully under control. Avoid going out of home as much as possible. 

Myth Vs Facts of Covid19 Vaccine - Fast&Up

Myth: Menstruating & Pregnant Women must not take vaccine

Fact – Many believe that a woman’s immunity is weak during the period and thus, she must take a vaccine which is not true as the vaccine has no relation with menstrual cycle making it safe to get vaccinated. Also, it is a myth that pregnant women should avoid taking vaccines as they should consult their doctor and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Myth: Vaccine makes you infertile

Fact – There is no evidence found till date that supports this myth that vaccines make men or women infertile. Taking vaccine is the primary requirement to bring an end to this pandemic situation.

Remember –

All Vaccines are Safe.

Do not Hesitate, Please Vaccinate.


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