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Myths and Facts of an active lifestyle


What do you mean by an “active” lifestyle?

A good lifestyle is not only eating healthy and calling it a healthy lifestyle, but it is rather improving your physical activity in your day-to-day life. Through the last year staying at home most of us have realised the importance of staying active and healthy. People have become motivated towards fitness like never before and here are some myths and facts affiliated with an active lifestyle.

Myth #1: Running is better than Walking

This is a very common misconception among a lot of people because they get up one day thinking about going for a run with the understanding that the more they run the more they will become active. Excessive running and that too all of a sudden can cause a lot of problems to your body. Walking is equally helpful, you do not have to excessively push yourself. Electrolytes balance is very important for running or walking to help to improve your pace and endurance overtime and with Fast&Up Reload you can get yourself started towards that active lifestyle.

Myths and Facts of an active lifestyle

Myth #2: You should not workout everyday

People say that working out everyday can cause fatal injuries. This statement is false because people with the correct nutrition and understanding can work out every single day to keep themselves active. The correct nutrition includes maintaining the correct protein content in your body. The Fast&Up Plant Protein helps you with your post workout soreness and helps you build on that muscle mass you are trying to achieve.


Fact #1: Get Proper Rest!

A well rested person gets up more active and happy in the morning. If you want to start with an active lifestyle then Fast&Up Magnesio has helped several people achieve that peaceful and calming sleep experience for getting up ready and active for the next day.


Fact #2: Running on the road is better than running on a treadmill

With the very upcoming gym culture in the past few years people have been preferring to practice for their runs on a treadmill and end up doing it for long durations. Treadmills for a long duration can cause injuries to your knees.

So while taking that first step towards an active lifestyle keep these points in mind for a safer and better result.

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Udith Sheth

-Expert and Writer