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Omicron Scare: 'Must-haves' to protect yourself this new year from new COVID variant

Omicron Rules

The New Year has brought us the new covid variant called Omicron. However the situation is not as bad as it seems. Some things are in our hands as they were earlier to protect ourselves from this virus. We must follow government guidelines. We all must take certain precautions against the virus to protect ourselves and our friends and family. Make sure you do not fall victim to miss information from unknown sources.

Here are the steps you must take to protect yourself from covid infection.

Always wear a mask

The Government has mandated that everyone should wear a mash while outside. We must always wear a mask every time we step outside of the house. Mask acts as a barrier and prevent the spread of infection. It has been observed that universal mask wearing can prevent transmission in the communities.

Sanitize your hand frequently

Washing or sanitising your hands is very important. We do most of our activities by hand hence there are a lot of chances that the infection could spread via our hands. We must carry a hand sanitizer where ever it’s possible. Hand sanitizer can kill bacteria and viruses on your hand and can prevent the spread of the infection. We must also encourage people to carry hand sanitizer.

Pulse Oximeter

The Pulse oximeter is a medical device that helps us to track our heartbeat and oxygen levels. One of the symptoms of covid infection is breathlessness and drop in oxygen level in the blood. Hence this small device is very important for us to detect covid early. It is simple to use all you have to do is put it on your finger.

Disinfectant spray

Coronavirus gets spread from surface to surface transmission hence we must keep all the surfaces around us clean. These include a cell phone, door handles, car or bike handles, bags etc

Be safe by ensuring proper disinfecting of the surfaces.

Vitamin C Supplement

Although it is not a cure against covid, vitamin C has immunity- boosting property. Hence it is advised by many health experts that we should consume Vitamin C tablets which also include zinc and electrolytes.


Let’s make this year New-year’s resolution “Getting fully vaccinated”. Vaccines are the best way to protect ourselves against covid. Find out your nearest vaccination center book an appointment and get yourself as soon as possible. Remember to take both the dosage as half protection is incomplete protection. So get both the dosage of vaccine as it will protect you and you’re loved ones against this virus.

One thing we must not have in fight against this virus is the fear. The Omicron variant is not a unique type of virus. We can prevent the infection by following some basic guidelines. Let us make sure we have a healthy and prosperous year ahead of us. Let’s fight this virus together. 

Omicron Measures

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Soumil Vartak

-Expert and Writer

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