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Mrinank Singh Mrinank is a Domestic First Class player and professional cricketer who is just 20 year old and an ingenious athlete. Earlier Mrinank used to play under 18 Haryana cricket team and currently he is playing for the Under 23 Haryana cricket team. He has also played under 16 SGFI India in 2010 and again in 2012. Mrinank was a part of Under 19 India-Asia Cup as well.

Fast&Up celebrated Children’s Day 2018 with Mrinank Singh at their Mumbai headquarters. Mrinank Singh was interviewed by one of our colleague’s kid who was there for the Children’s Day celebration at Fast&Up HQ. It being Children’s Day special - kids were asked to take the lead.


Mrinank was really sweet while having a word with kids, he can be an inspiration for many kids “I made my 1st century when I was 9 years old while playing under 13”, says Mrinank, by sharing his experience he proved that yes, age is just a number and nothing is impossible if you are passionate enough about something. All you need to have is a will power to reach your goals and eventually it is all about where your interest lies.

After the Interview with the two sweet kids the Fast&Up team was excited too, after all it everyone loves cricket. It is the passion of our nation after all! (Just like Fast&Up is the hydration of your favorite sport)


Mrinank was asked to come and join for the Rapid Fire round and the fun continued.

“I am Thankful to Fast&Up for the products they provide us with, because initially we used to order such types of products from other countries and now Fast&Up India is available with products like this,” said Mrinank Singh.

This is how Children’s Day was celebrated at the Fast&Up HQ with Mrinank Singh.

Mrinank Singh is a part of the Fast&Up Fit Squad and Fast&Up is his choice of nutrition.

To know more about Mrinank Singh at Fast&Up HQ check out fastandup_india Instagram.

Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer