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Mothers Don't Get The Sleep They Need

For many moms, persistent sleep deprivation is a regular characteristic of motherhood -- just like dresses stained with spit-up and crumbs of chips found in every purse! And it's not only sleep-deprived mothers of newborns who are missing out on the sleep they desperately need. Whether you have an infant or a preschooler, mother’s are constantly deprived of the essential sleep that is required to revitalize the body.

Several experts say that sleep-deprived mothers shouldn't be so unconcerned about the problem. Experts say, mothers really underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep.

Fast&up Sleep-Deprived Moms Of Newborns

India Is Sleep Deprived

Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons behind the rising occurrence of serious illnesses — diabetes, heart attack and cancer, among others — in young and middle-aged Indians, which largely includes parents of adolescents. This is an age group whose sleep hours are often given over to late nights at work, binge-watching on TV and smartphones, all of which is exacerbated when you’re a parent of a growing child. Medical professionals explain why it’s time to switch off completely, when it’s time for bed and just focus on getting adequate rest.

Sleep-Deprived Mothers: The Health Effects

Of course, it is common for sleep-deprived mothers to completely ignore the recommendations about getting enough rest. It, of course, is not of help that as a culture, we tend to ignore the importance of adequate sleep. Getting too much -- or even just enough -- implies a kind of laziness. But sleep experts are trying to get people to alter their attitude towards sleep. We must begin to view sleep as something that's just as fundamental to good health as diet and exercise. There is ample data linking insufficient sleep with all sorts of problems. Experts say, 'It's linked to poor performance at work, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.' Honestly, if you choose a disease or health problem at random from a medical textbook, it's probably aggravated by or linked to sleep deprivation.

Tips for Sleep-Deprived Mothers

What should a sleep-deprived mother do? Here's some advice.

Be prepared. When you've got small kids, getting woken up in the middle of the night can be more normal than abnormal. Don't routinely go to bed late at ight, gambling on your two-year-old sleeping without any disturbance. You're going to lose that bet. In the long-run, you'll just keep stacking on to your sleep debt.

Take naps. Although sleep experts do not usually suggest naps for most people with insomnia, they say sleep-deprived mothers should disregard that advice. Since most parents are woken up several times in the night by their kids, naps can be a great way to catch up on some sleep and refresh your mental and physical well-being for the day ahead.

Catch up on sleep during the weekend. Many sleep-deprived mothers -- stuck between their responsibilities as a worker, parent, and home-runner -- feel like there's absolutely no way to get enough sleep during the week. If so, you have to use the weekends to atone, most experts recommend.

Make sure you relax before bed. Bedtime rituals are encouraged and important for everybody, not only toddlers. So don't try to go straight from washing dishes or checking your e-mails to bed. Instead, dim the lights and unwind with a book, or just your thoughts for a while. Building in a little time to relax before getting into bed will support you to sleep more soundly.

Magnesium supplements will improve your sleep. Research has shown that magnesium supplements are proven to improve sleep, as well as offer muscle relaxation and stress-relief. It’s a magical mineral that restores and refreshes!

Fast&up Magnesium Supplements

Take Sleep Seriously

No matter what you must never ignore the fundamental importance of sleep and the role it plays in our day-to-day functioning. As mentioned before, it is intrinsically linked to your health, and it should always be prioritized!

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