Nutritional Supplements For Marathon Training

Marathon Training

With running taking off in India in a big way, people have been aspiring to run marathons. However running a full marathon which is 42.195 KM is a distance which one needs to train for. Fortunately there are many training plans available on the internet which gives runners a lot of options. Some of the training plans which are famous are the ones by Jeff Galloway, Hal Higdon, Run Less Run Faster, Jack Daniels etc. Indian today also has a plethora of options when it comes to full marathon events ? SCMM (Mumbai Marathon), Spice Coast Marathon in Kochi, Chennai Marathon, Hyderabad Marathon, Bengaluru Marathon, Surat Marathon, Ladakh Marathon etc. There are a lot of people organising such runs locally and goes beyond the SCMM which is done by PROCAM. As part of the training there is also a need to look at nutrition. There are options available in India today like the Fast&Up range of products which covers the entire range of activity ? Pre Workout: Activate, Hydration ? Reload, Post Work Out ? Recover. All this gives customers better and easier options than one which existed before in the form of Gu Gels, Sports drinks like Enerzal and Gatorade.