Magnesium for Stronger Better Bones

Published : May 15, 2019
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    We all have seen TV commercials since ages boosting on benefits of Calcium products on bones. Healthier bones means healthier life. We very well know how crucial it is to stay fit amidst the modern hustle in daily life. Bones support the body weight and protect our internal organs as well making them important to be nourish them adequately.

    No doubt calcium plays a key role in making bones stronger but along with it there are other nutrients which enhance bone strength such as Magnesium. The vital aspect of magnesium is that it is required for appropriate utilization of vitamin D and calcium by the bones.

    Calcium is the structural component of bones which giving strength whereas Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium in the bones thus maintaining the smooth and efficient transportation of calcium to the store houses i.e. bones thereby preventing risks for osteoporosis (weak, fragile bones).

    Since most of the magnesium is lost in the process of food processing along with the dietary habits involved in modern lifestyle, it becomes essential to maintain the adequate magnesium levels in the body. Other than including magnesium rich food in the daily diet, the best way to acquire magnesium is through supplementation tablets. Magnesium is involved in number of enzymatic functions in the body which are important for your skeletal system along with muscles. It also plays a significant role in smooth functioning of cardiovascular system and nervous system as well.

    Keeping the core importance of magnesium in limelight, Fast&Up has come up with a new product – Fast&Up Magnesio in refreshing Lime&Lemon flavor. Fast&Up Magnesio contains 20 effervescent tablets in each tube which are power-packed with 300mg of elemental Magnesium along with benefits of Zinc and Beta Carotene.

    Apart from strengthening the bones, Magnesium supplementation also helps in proper functioning of nerves and muscles by active magnesium transportation to muscles. This helps greatly in smoothening muscle contraction and relaxation which benefits in rhythmic exercising along with reduced risks for muscle cramps and spasms.

    Daily exhaustion of muscles due to overwork is caused by lack of energy as the muscles are constantly at work. Daily consumption of magnesium also helps in improving energy metabolism of the body which goes haywire in case of magnesium deficiency. In addition of magnesium, Zinc perfectly acts as a supporter for relieving stress and dealing with fatigue which are primly important for exercise performance as well daily healthy life maintenance.

    Magnesium is not just an additional dietary nutrient which is plays a supportive role for health enhancement but its deficiency can lead to a pile of health complications. Low levels of Magnesium for a prolonged period of time can lead to a steady state of tiredness in an individual along with the loss of appetite. Along with these, magnesium deficiency is also known to impact nervous functioning leading to a dull lifestyle with episodes of nausea and vomiting as well as sleeping disorders.

    Fast&Up Magnesio does the overall fulfillment of the necessary magnesium requirement of the body and helps to avoid deficiency of the same. The multi-fold benefits of consuming tasty Lime&Lemon flavored Magnesio tablets is that it eases muscle cramps which improves your exercising adding up benefits of exercising on muscles which in turn results in performance boosting. So let the magic of magnesium fill up your bone health to the core.

    Abhijeet Jagtap
    Inhouse Specialty - Daily Health & Wellness

    Abhijeet Jagtap is an Animal Physiologist with over 5 year's experience in Marketing with a knack for content writing. Abhijeet writes on topics related to daily health and wellness. All his blogs ... Read More

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