Magnesium For Bone Health

Published : Apr 22, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    Magnesium is one such mineral which is beneficial in many ways. One such benefit includes firmness of bones and making teeth harder. Since magnesium is involved in various array of biochemical reactions, it’s proven that it is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Most importantly, a proper amount of magnesium is important for calcium absorption and metabolism. 

    Fast&Up Magnesium For Bones

    Apart from calcium, magnesium also plays a vital role like supporting bone health with the help of thyroid and parathyroid glands. It stimulates the thyroid’s production of calcitonin, which acts as a bone-preserving hormone and regulates parathyroid hormone, which enables to regulate bone breakdown in numerous ways. 

    Magnesium is also an important cofactor in 80% of all cellular enzymes. It required for the conversion of Vitamin D into its active form, and a deficiency in the same can lead to Vitamin D resistance syndrome. The enzyme that is needed for the formation of new calcium crystals, alkaline phosphatase, also requires magnesium for its activation, and if the levels for the same are low, it can result in abnormal bone crystal formation. Even mild magnesium deficiency can lead to a risk of osteoporosis. Low magnesium intake, leads to low blood and bone magnesium levels, which has highly impacted women in terms of osteoporosis.

    And with calcium, maximum of the body’s reserves of magnesium are held in the bone which is 60%, and the bones act as a storage reservoir, assisting in transferring magnesium into the blood stream when in need. Hence it is very important to have a daily adequate intake of magnesium so that it is stored in the bones, leading to prevention of being lost.

    The ratio of daily intake of calcium and Magnesium also matters. It is often ignored that magnesium and calcium function together. Hence, deficiency in one can drastically impact the metabolism of the other. If you increase calcium supplementation without an increase in magnesium supplementation can lead to major magnesium loss. And the consumption of calcium supplements in the presence of magnesium deficiency can result in calcium deposition in the soft tissues, such as the joints, which can promote arthritis, or in the kidney, leading to kidney stones.

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    Magnesium Supplements like Fast&Up Magnesio works in the body to activate the enzymes in our body which is required to fight with physical and mental exhaustion. Fatigue and Energy loss are two of the major symptoms of magnesium and zinc deficiency, Fast&Up Magnesio helps to improvise overall energy levels and also assists in maintaining muscle health and eases muscle cramps and spasms which is related with an electrolyte imbalance from tedious training sessions.

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