What are the long-term lung problems after COVID-19?

Published : Jul 11, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    lung problems after COVID-19 - Fast&Up

    The medical practitioner and researchers have been discovering something new while battling COVID-19. With just a little more than a year and half of data available and understanding of viruses, the pandemic is challenging and growing daily. New treatment and complications associated with the infection are on the horizon case by case, adding to our daily challenge and knowledge and bringing us closer to a greater innovation the world can expect in coming months or years.

    Obviously the focus right now is to break down the chain and limit the cases on a daily basis. But the long term solution is to vaccinate and herd immunity.

    With virus creating havoc worldwide, India itself has recorded a humongous 2.55 crores cases till date with recovered patients being 2.2 crores. However, an important question lies ahead - What are long term lung problems associated after COVID -19?

    While the SARS -CoV -2 virus primarily affects the respiratory system and can cause life threatening pneumonia. Current research and studies suggest there are more negative implications of coronavirus such as affecting multiple organs, blood clots with inflammation and now the latest being fungal infection mucormycotic.

    Current observations after COVID-19

    There have been numerous cases recorded with patients returning to doctors with conditions such as breathlessness, cardiac, ling problem, pain in jaw, lost eyesight and other such complications associated with COVID-19. According to new studies being published it is understood that many people down with COVID-19 have worsened quality of life and more than 75% of people have one persistent symptom even after 2 months of their recovery from the disease.

    Long term implication of COVID-19

    It is noteworthy to understand that even after recovering patients do have long term implications. Post COVID -19 patients have developed Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome (ARDS) that could have higher risk of long term health issues.

    Lung Scarring:

    Several reports suggest that post recovery severe COVID -19, some people may experience lung damage including partial or complete lung scarring which results in lung fibrosis that results in several limitations.

    In the long term the scar can limit the oxygen supply into the blood resulting in shortened breath, especially during intense activity.

    Compromised immune system can have other negative impacts on vital organs such as the heart, kidneys and brain, resulting in significant problems in the long run.

    Heart Health:
    As per reports published in the journal of JAMA Cardiology, some people who have recovered from COVID-19 have a higher heart damage and inflammation of heart muscle. Severe inflammation in the body also results in irregular heartbeat.

    Mental Health:

    People down with severe or coming from intensive care are at increased risk for mental health issues such as Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression.

    Bottom Line:

    Considering the implication it has on our health, it’s important that we take health and precautions seriously, while everything reopens and we enter a new normal.

    Safety precaution to minimize risk of exposure:

    • Physical Distancing
    • Double Masking
    • Regular Hand Wash
    • Supplementation with Vitamin C, NAC, zinc and other important nutritional supplements or foods
    • Regular Physical Activity

    By following all protocols set by Government and local authorities while continuing with all safety measures. We all will be able to break the chain and make sure that COVID-19 comes to an end.

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