Liverpool VS Man City

Liverpool VS Man City – Preview

Liverpool VS Man City – Preview

Many have a date with their TV sets this Sunday at 10 PM for the clash between the first placed and the second-placed team in the premier league.
For those who didn’t know, don’t worry there is still time, you can still cancel the plans or rather make one with your friends to watch the match together.

Recap –

The last game week saw both the teams trailing at half time by a goal and by the end of the game registering a win by turning around the deficit with Liverpool showing the poise to fight till the end of the game and getting the reward for it.
Liverpool was in excellent form with their 100 percent record until they played Manchester United which ended in a draw but they are still undefeated in the league. While the Blue side of Manchester has been trailing to Liverpool on points yet show great patience in their style of play to tear apart their opponent’s defense with such ease, Guardiola’s style of football has always shown results and City has a chance to close down the gap to just 3 points.

What’s at stake –
Liverpool VS Man City – Preview

Even though there are still a lot of game weeks left till the end of the season, this could be a very key battle in the fight for the trophy, with Liverpool already leading the race by 6 points which they could take up to 9 points, while a bigger lead has been overturned in the history of the premier league, it is easier said than done and could become too much to deal with.

Big games require big players, and both teams have a lot of big names in their ranks while the contrasting styles of both the teams does favor Liverpool a little, as well as their record in this fixture in the recent past, shows that Liverpool are the favourites with the match being held at Anfield. You underestimate city at your own peril, while Klopp and his team know better than that.

Liverpool VS Man City – Preview
It will still be a clash of titans worth watching, where heroes will be made, heroes and villains.

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