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Are your bones as strong as the rest of you? You've read them and seen them somewhere at some point, but how much have you paid attention to them? The advertisements about osteoporosis and inadequate calcium intake that can cause decreased bone mineral density thus increasing the risk of bone fractures?were probably given a passing glance but not much interest. Why? Because you're a runner, and you've read that weight-bearing exercise, like running, protects you from thinning bones. Unfortunately, that advice is only one small part of the bigger issue of who develops osteoporosis, why, and how it can be prevented or if required treated.

Highly Active, Weak Bones? There are studies where some researchers and physicians believe that men or women who have a high athletic lifestyle maybe more at risk for developing osteoporosis. Of course, the possibility?of this is dependent on a lot of factors such as genetics (which cannot be controlled) and others such as type of training, duration, intensity, and sport concerned which are in our control. Sports that emphasize low body weight, long duration aerobic exercise, and greater volumes of high intensity can increase the risk of athletes developing osteoporosis. Sports such as marathon running, triathlon, and cycling would be examples of the same and the occurrence of lower bone mineral density is more prevalent in the elite level where the pressure to perform is greater.

Osteoporotic cases are more prevalent in the female athlete population than in the male athlete population. There are several factors to explain this statistic: body weight which has an effect on bone size, and?female athlete triad which affects hormone related bone development. Exercise plays an important role in bone formation, and naturally has a positive impact on bone development. However, in the athletic population, exercise could play a detrimental role in bone growth. Thus, while we assure the best for our sport performance, the importance of intelligent nutrition cannot be overstated. Now the question is how to ensure bone health? You are already exercising so that is resolved. But make sure your calorie intake is equal to your exercise along with ensuring your diet is rich in Calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K. These are the fantastic four that ensure your body is fortified ?to withstand any level of training you throw its way. Stay tuned for something exciting coming your way from the Fast&Up stable! #FitToTheBone

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