Let's Talk About Stress

Let's Talk About Stress

Isn’t stress the real killer? Be it in our personal or our professional life. Stress literally eats up our mind and makes us mentally unstable and slow because of which we feel less active.

Stress is a kind of mental sickness.

When we are put into any type of a challenge, or if we are time-bound to any particular work, problems in relationships, family problems, exam pressure, and many more. There are endless reasons that can cause stress.

let us take some time aside and figure out all the things that are causing us stress.

Don’t you think? Stress spreads negative vibes all around?

And it is very essential to get rid out of it and throw away all the negative things!

Stress not only affects our brain but also our overall body system in some of the other ways. 

Let's Talk About Stress

How does stress affect the brain?

  1. It changes the brain’s structure.
  2. Chronic stress increases the chances of mental sickness. 
  3. It shrinks the brain. 
  4. Stress can be the cell killer of the brain. 

How stress affects skin and hair?

  1. Acne. 
  2. Loss of chubbiness. 
  3. Dry skin. 
  4. Rashes and Hives. 
  5. Dark circle. 
  6.  Hair fall.
  7. Dry scalp.

How stress does affects the Heart?
If someone is already dealing with any kind of heart problem depending upon the stress, it can be the most deadly illness for them.

Stress” can push us into so many terrifying situations.

Here is the list of some of the ways to overcome stress:

  • Meditation: This will help us to control our thoughts.
  • Eat well: Our diet will decide how our body will function “eat healthily, think healthy”
  • Exercise: This means giving attention to oneself and is the best way to relax your body, this will reload your body with confidence and motivation in self. Just run for half an hour and you can following benefits-


  • Relax your Muscles: Activate your muscles by stretching, enjoying massage and spa, and by taking a hot shower. 

Our mind demands recovery, to get over the scar (stress).
Not only our mind but our body needs recovery too!
Do you know?
When you are physically fit your confidence level boosts up and you start to calm down regardless of the problem.  


Faster recovery every day because the course should not stop!
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Tasmiya Wadia

-Expert and Writer

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