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This weekend we all have a reason and a golden opportunity to make our Mother-In-Law happy - it is Mother-In-Law day after all! We all know that it is very important to keep her happy. Being thoughtful about these little things would make you a loving son or daughter (in-law) and honestly, who does not try to be one?

Out of the blue, she will get a chance to stand out amongst all her “Kitty” friends and flaunt something that has been done by us, sounds exciting enough.


And this weekend not your spouse but you will be the one calling her and inviting her to come over, here is the catch, this will already be the first of many surprises for her!

Motherinlaw Happy Week

This time no running away.

Let’s ask ourselves a question - why do we feel scared or nervous when it comes to mother-in-law?

  • Because she is our spouse’s parent.
  • Or because we want to impress her?

It is important to break this formality gap and make this Mother-In-law day worth it by gifting her something which is unique and show her that ‘yes, we care about you.’

She is precious and the one reason is enough for her being so precious about her that she is a “Mother”.

So now the question is - What to do to make your mother in law feel special?

She is a mother and we all are aware about it that no mother takes care of herself because she is so busy taking care of her kids and looking after the house. She is at a age where she needs attention and this is something which she does!

She is the ‘giver’ and not the ‘taker’.

At this age her body demands intake of healthy things. Isn’t it our duty to gift her a healthy lifestyle? This year, give the backbone of your family, Fast&Up Fortify to help strengthen her bones! Effervescent calcium supplements that are packed with Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K to strengthen and maintain your bones.

Fortify is just like your mother-in-law – ALL IN ONE!

Fast&Up Fortify is a calcium supplement in an effervescent tablet that has a refreshing taste.

It will help ensure your mother-in-law is strong to the bone and strengthen your bond in the process.

Read More about Fortify here

Motherinlaw Happy Week

Gifting materialistic things are so generic. Try something unique this year!

Why to run here and there when Fast&Up can help you run in the right direction (pun intended)

Motherinlaw Happy Week

Check out our page and Fortify her life with a healthy lifestyle.

Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer