Run Mumbai Run in one of the biggest Marathon in Mumbai


When you run the marathon, you run against the distance.

It is not against the runners and not against the time”

Mumbai - The running season is back with one of the biggest marathons in Mumbai. Earlier Mumbai was just a spectator, today Mumbai is an active city.

In a nutshell, a marathon is a run where a myriad people of all the age group regardless of caste or what profession they hold, gather together and unite together. You don’t really have to be an athlete to participate in a marathon, it is not just a run but also an experience.

“I discovered early that running always made me feel powerful, free, and fearless”- Kathrine Switzer

Marathon Runners 

Finding calm in the chaos is what you master while running a marathon! You can term it as an escape for a while as well.

Marathon is the giver and not the taker.


Marathon is beneficial not only physically but mentally too. It’s a fact that running is a stress buster. So why to miss onto something which will help us find our mental peace.

Participate and gift yourself some me time and explore Mumbai not by luxury but with your footsteps this time.

How to make your run a #FunRun and not the tiring one.

TIP: Undoubtedly Hydration is the essential, but more important is - Picking the right source of hydration. Tasty and healthy is the preference of all, flavored water is the trick! We all know that water intake level rises if the taste is refreshing. What if we give you amazing taste with a twist? #HealthyFizz

Fast&Up Marathon

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It is easy to consume! DROP. DISSOLVE. DRINK - Drop one effervescent tablet in water, let it dissolve and your tasty hydration power is ready.

Fast&Up Reload Energy Drink 

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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer