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Learning Never Stops

In 2006, when Ashish went to Ladakh with his family for an outing where he encountered breathing issues during the trip. On returning to the city, he ran blood test and was diagnosed with thalassemia minor. Now, thalassemia is a condition where your haemoglobin drops significantly.
This motivated him towards fitness. He chose running and cycling. Soon noticed improvements in his haemoglobin level. After a few months, his ultimate goal was to finish Manali-Leh-Khardungla Solo Cycling Race. Not only had he witnessed drastic changes in his physical health but also in his mental health. His hard work paid off when he was able to achieve his goal in 2016.

But once that was done, Ashish didn’t have any other goal in mind. By this time his body and mind was habitual of running for 100-120 km per month. In 2013, Surat Night Marathon was announced. One of his friends insisted him to participate. Even though he was a physiotherapist by profession, he did not have any interest in running. This was his first half marathon. “It was a life changing experience for me,” says Ashish.
Within 3 months of his first marathon, Ashish participated in Hyderabad full Marathon. “It was a terrible experience for me. The route was tough and the weather was bad too. I finished it just for the sake of it. And I wasn’t satisfied with it.”says Ashish, dejectedly. He wanted to do better and was determined to finish the next run within a record time. He trained himself along with reading books about the basics of running. He participated in Bombay Marathon, Goa Marathon and many more.

In 2014, Ashish ran 100km at the Rann of Kutch Marathon. He felt he has improved much more as a runner. He understood what at all things should be kept in mind. “One must run for themselves and not because they are competing with others.” says Ashish.

As Ashish was a physiotherapist, he noticed that most of his patients are the victims of overtraining syndrome. A year later, Surti Runners- a running group was formed. One of the senior runners requested Ashish to take workshops and interactive sessions with the budding runner about running and injuries, how to improve the run time. Every week on Wednesdays they train and discuss with the cycling group and on Fridays, they do the same with the runners. He wanted to do something for runners who are less privileged. Hence, he started a group along with a few of his friends that provide things like protein, nutrition supplements, plans and shoes to them.

During one of the running events Ashish came across Fast&Up and he was the one who introduced in Gujarat. His favourite product is Fast&Up Reload.

Fast&Up has a varied range of products for pre-work out, during workout and post workout supplements that provide your body with the right amount of vitamins and other essential minerals.

We hope his story has encouraged you to stay fit and get better each passing day.

Ashish Kapadiya’s Fitness Essentials:

Gears – Nike
Shoe – Nike & Adidas
Supplements - Fast&Up Recover, Reload and Energy Gels.

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