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Kolhapur Triathlon 2018

Published : Nov 12, 2018 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

Triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous sequential activities, which involves swimming, cycling and running.

Kolhapur triathlon 2018 is just 9 days away. Preparations are going on in full swing!

Participants are putting their blood sweat efforts in practicing for this Kolhapur Triathlon 2018!

“Quitters don’t tri. Triathletes don’t quit”.

Practice makes a man perfect!

We feed perfect the practice. In the same way energy will feed the body the power to stay active.

Tips for Kolhapur Triathlon 2018:

  1. Sound Sleep: It is important to cover up healthy amount of sleep. Less sleep will make you feel tired and can somehow ruin your event.
  2. Hydrate: DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! Consume as much fluid as you can, dehydration can lead you to suffer muscle pain. Hydrate your body with fluids as much as you can. Your body demands hydration and electrolytes. And one is already down! How?

    Surprise! Fast&Up Reload is the Official Hydration Partner for Kolhapur Triathlon 2018.


    Reload helps you to prevent from muscle cramps, as it maintains the fluid balance in the body.

    It has both calcium and magnesium, calcium contracts the muscles and magnesium relaxes the muscle.

    Add one effervescent tablet in your glass and solve the problem of dehydration. Reload is now Informed Choice Certified, Reload can make your hydration process tasty as it’s available in three flavors that is berry, cola and citrus.

  3. Positive Attitude: Think positive and you will feel motivated, and when you are motivated you tend to put in some more efforts than usual.
  4. Music: Music also plays an important role, it affects your brain cells, and good music will motivate you to work out more and more. The rhythms of the right music will make your feet more run faster.
  5. Diet: Be careful on what you eat, if your diet is heavy your energy level will go down oily and heavy food makes you lazy and not energetic.

These are the elements you will have to look after in order to stay energetic.

Your hydration element is already down as Fast&Up solved the problem of dehydration for Kolhapur Triathlon 2018.

But what about energy?

Don’t worry because Fast&Up is fueling you with energy gels for Kolhapur Triathlon 2018 too!

Energy Gel

Instant energy to help you ace your race, Fast&Up Energy gel gives you instant energy. Energy gel is available in 2 flavors - strawberry banana and chocolate.

It contains 60% Maltodextrin and 0.1% caffeine. Caffeine is to keep you focused. It’s easy to carry and is all banned substances free!

Hydration- Check!

Energy Feeding- Check!

All the best triathletes for Kolhapur Triathlon 2018 - Fast&Up is with you!

Kolhapur Triatlon is on 18.11.2018 and is organised by Kolhapur Sports CLub (KSC)

Fast&Up is the official hydration partner for the event.

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