Pre Workout Drink: Key Ingredients You Should Have

Key Ingredients Your Pre Workout Drink Should Have

Magnesium requirement in Footballers

We surely must have seen TV advertisements where people refer to the ingredients list printed behind each product. It is indeed wise and necessary to know the product information before you buy it but this practice is rarely followed on a regular basis by all. The same stands true in case of Pre-workout supplements as well. Knowing the key ingredients of your pre-workout drink helps you to choose the best pre-workout supplement in India.

Magnesium requirement in Footballers

Breaking down the ingredients of your Pre-workout supplement

Each pre-workout supplement is packed in suitable container along with nutritional information of the product blend such as composition, quantity of ingredients used etc. Incase if any supplement doesn’t show the same then purchasing them is a BIG NO! Pre-workout supplement which consists of amino acids, energy boosters as well as antioxidants which can help in keeping you at your peak fitness to initiate any activity strongly. Since there are numerous permutation and combination of potential energy boosters, certain key ingredients play a major role in imparting performance boosting energy required for any activity.

Magnesium requirement in Footballers

Ingredient 1: L-Arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid which helps in improving the circulatory system of a person be it an athlete or a fitness enthusiast with an active lifestyle. It enhances the Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in the body which dilates the blood vessels resulting in increased blood flow to muscles. This facilitates more availability of oxygen and nutrients to muscles which increases the energy output which helps in carrying out exercises smoothly and more efficiently. Moreover, improved circulation also helps in preventing fatigue and breathlessness adding to the exercise performance.

Magnesium requirement in Footballers

Ingredient 2: L-Carnitine Our body is chiefly fueled by glucose reserves which help in providing the necessary energy to carry out any activity. Intense exercise can lead to quick depletion of glucose causing tiredness. L-carnitine in pre-workout supplements helps in fat metabolism for energy thus preventing the exhaustion of glucose stores of the body. This helps in preventing exhaustion and fatigue thereby improving performance parameters such as endurance, stamina etc. in activities such as football, running, cycling etc.

Magnesium requirement in Footballers

Ingredient 3: Antioxidants

Intense exercises tend to build-up the formation of free radicals in the body resulting in Exercise-Induced Oxidative stress (EXIOS). These accumulated free radicals in the body can cause cell damage thus impacting your overall health. Pre-workout supplements which are crafted with antioxidants like Lycopene and Zinc help in eliminating these cell damaging free radicals which benefits skeletal muscle fibers and maintain the health of an individual.

As much as the key ingredients needs to be known, It is also important to consider other aspects of pre-workout nutrition such as quality of the pre-workout supplement, banned substance free etc. can greatly help in narrowing down the choice for ideal pre-workout supplement. Although each component of an ideal pre-workout supplement helps in bringing out the best of your performance, keeping a sharp eye on these key ingredients in your pre-workout supplement will help in achieving the desired performance result.

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Magnesium requirement in Footballers


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