Athlete Smita Kulkarni tips on Fitness, Training, Running & Working

Keeping up with training, running & working - the art of doing it all! Read about Smita's fitness week

This week has just gone by in a flash!

So this was more of a rest & recovery week for me. I had a 28km run on Sunday which went really well. I strongly feel Kaustubh's training combined with ProTotal is working really well and I am incredibly happy with the results so far. I have been sleeping much better and my recovery is faster too, compared to before :)

Monday was rest day for me, but the baking still never stopped ;)

On Tuesday, we did something really interesting - an SCMM simulation run; a run charted with similar situations and terrains as that of SCMM. I really thought I wouldn't be able to do it but it went great. Earlier I would hit a 28km wall, I would never look forward to those long runs, a feeling would usually seep in saying 'I can't do this'. But I feel much better and positive this time around. A combination of my training & nutrition is working really well, but of course without the hard work and dedication, the results would never be as good!

So Wednesday was gym day, I focused mainly on lower body workouts with just light upper body weights.

Thursday was the usual routine, a 5k rest and recovery run followed by gym day on Friday - where I did upper body and biceps.

This week has just gone by in a jiffy, with tons of baking orders, house guests etc but I feel proud that I still managed to train well every day and also did my Yoga regularly! I'm ?keen on performing well at SCMM so letting go of a single training day is just out of option.

On Tuesday I got my next supply of Fast&Up ProTotal and it dawned on me that barely a month is left for SCMM. It's overwhelming yet exciting :)

I have my last long run before SCMM on the weekend and we will talk more about that and the rest of my training next week!

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