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Joie De Vivre

The run this Sunday was a milestone for me- my longest run this season?..25 kilometers. I was low on confidence because? I had missed my previous 2 ritualistic Sunday runs, as work had taken over my weekends. All the same, our band of 5 started out? bright and early at 5.45 am with full enthusiasm. We kept in step with each other. With Pervin that is easy as she is full of beans, and many stories. What really cracked us up, were her extremely witty one-liners. Pervin is quite an amazing woman. Does her age belie her??? A 100% Bawi- who is a bundle of electricity! She has run several half marathons, winning a couple too. I ran with her for the first time in Pondicherry and enjoyed myself completely. We befriended two Bangalore runners and to top it all, we sang our way through the difficult parts. The next race was the Thane marathon. I started with her, but she carried on without me as my laces came off! And how she scolded me! Rightfully so! I still remember her words,? How silly can you be?? she said! ?And now, each time I lace up before any run, her words ring in ears. Pervin won in Thane- and had I continued with her I would have also got a better timing! My loss! Pervin's special quality is that she is extremely encouraging. Her spirit is infectious! To do a long run with her is a delight as one doesn't feel the kilometers. pervin-batliwalaThis Sunday we thoroughly enjoyed with her, until she went home at the 21km mark. Post that, the balance 4 km was a mental struggle for Santa (a 60-year-old first time marathoner-who really looks like Santa-and is as jolly as him!) and me. Nimisha had zoomed off from the halfway mark as had Vishal. Santa and I plodded along. When 2.5 kilometers were balanced I was ready to stop, and walk. As we crossed the flyover, the vista opened up- and we saw a beautiful marine drive welcoming us! Santa exclaimed about the view and took my mind off the run. ?From then on we put running on the back seat and went with the flow. We enjoyed the weather as we broke into a song! ?Sing a song of sixpence? was what we began with when 2 km was balanced. Did it turn into? These are a few of my favorite things? followed by? Mamma Mia? and? When the saints go marching in?. Oh! What fun it was! We lost all inhibitions and reveled with the amused expression of the onlookers. They didn't know we were marching towards the finish of our 25km run! As I sprinted past the stragglers to the finish I was in heaven! What a high it was! A nonstop 25 km in 2 hours 55 minutes. A book I read a while ago? about an ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes, in which he says: in the long run you run the first half with your legs and the second half with your heart. True enough! As the training gets harder, I feel I am getting stronger?..hopefully, the music in my heart will get me through! ? The human body has limitations, the human spirit is boundless!? Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man, Confessions of an All-night Runner.

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