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Is Deltacron a new COVID-19 Variant?

Deltacron a new COVID-19 Variant

After the recent surge in the COVID-19 cases caused due to rapid transmission of the Omicron variant, a new variant called as “Deltacron”, started to create fear in the minds of people. But the big question is that is deltacron really a new COVID-19 variant or just a lab failure? Let us understand what WHO has to say about deltacron.

Firstly, how did the term Deltacron surfaced?

Leondios Kostrikis, the Head of Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology in Cyprus, claimed that his team has found a new COVID-19 variant, which displays omicron like genetic signs within the delta genomes. Kostrikis said in an interview that they have found a new strain that is the combination of omicron and delta co-infections. This was soon followed by a report in Bloomberg which stated that 25 cases of deltacron were detected in Cyprus.

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What WHO (the World Health Organization) has to say about Deltacron?

Krutika Kuppalli, an infectious disease specialist and a member of the COVID-19 technical team, rejected Deltacron as a new variant of the coronavirus. She stated that deltacron is not real variant and just a result of sequencing artifact (lab contamination of omicron fragments in delta Chrome specimen).

On the basis of the statement given by Krutika, one can conclude that WHO does not believe deltacron to be a COVID-19 variant for the time being. However, as more research and studies are conducted there may be a case that the deltacron is classified as a new variant of the virus.

Experts worldwide believe that deltacron is most likely or result of lab contamination and not a real variant of the highly infectious coronavirus that is scaring people world over. The World Health Organization says that the term Deltacron is used for a person who is infected both Omicron as well as Delta variant of the COVID-19.

Deltacron a new COVID-19 Variant Precutions

To conclude one can say that more study is required on deltacron to be termed as a new variant of the COVID-19. The people all over the world, however, must continue to follow COVID-19 protocols like social distancing, wearing masks, getting vaccinated and boosting immunity to stay protected. Together all of us can contribute to bring an end to this pandemic.

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