The Importance & Benefits Of Instant Hydration/Electrolyte Drink

What Do Athletes Use to Hydrate?

If exercise is king, then nutrition is its queen, That's how the saying goes. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in achieving excellence in sport. That's why star athletes ensure that their nutrition, across every sphere, guarantees the most efficient results.

This brings us to the reason why elite athletes use instant hydration drinks to hydrate and replenish during any physical exertion or to stay nourished throughout the day (hydration boosts recovery, as well). These instant energy drinks not only hydrate by restoring the body's water content but provide extended hydration by restoring the body's electrolytes to maintain electrolyte balance, for sustained energy and reduced muscle cramps.

When Do You Use Instant Hydration Drinks?

1. Pre/during/post workout- athletes use instant electrolyte drinks to stay optimally hydrated throughout their day, and not just after an intense workout. In order to achieve your best results, your body should be constantly replenished with electrolytes and water, and not just wait for total dehydration to occur before you act upon it. This will prevent muscle fatigue, cramps etc as well.

2. To Avoid Dehydration- Even if you are not exercising but pursuing an active life, especially if you live in a hot climate, you will face the risk of encountering dehydration. Therefore, you need a quick-fix that will assure rehydration. Mind you, water cannot fulfil the requirements as this instant hydration drinks contain electrolytes that are needed for your body to utilize the fluids effectively.
What do athletes use to hydrate?

What are The Benefits of Instantly Hydrating Drinks?    

Higher Energy Levels- As electrolytes restore the lost nutrients of the body they also restore the body's energy levels and can sustain one through their day or workout. Potassium maintains glucogen levels, and electrolyte drinks replace excreted Potassium in the body.

Soothes Muscle Cramps- The loss of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chlorides results in frequent muscle cramps and soreness which can significantly deter physical performance. To avoid these counterproductive consequences you can rely on these instant hydration drinks

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What do athletes use to hydrate?

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