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Certified Trainer and Power Athlete Rituja Udpikar: On the Trending Favorite Workout of Bollywood - Pilates

In Conversation with Rituja Udpikar

How often do you give working somewhere as an excuse? People claim they can’t go for morning walks, jogging or do any other thing because they are doing a ‘job’ and are too tired to do anything else.

It’s your life and you are the one responsible for your well-being. You don’t always need an injury or some setback in your life to change your routine and start looking after yourself.

Triathlon and running star Dr. Rituja Udpikar is one such person. She is a physiotherapist and certified Pilates trainer. You might argue that she is not doing a 9-5 job and is in the same genre. However, triathlon consists of running, swimming and cycling which means she has to train for all these things.

She said, “The kind of work she is doing falls in the same genre, and revolves somewhere around physical activities and fitness, health etc. So, it works for me.”

But that’s the only thing that works for her. It’s difficult for her to go to the gym regularly due to the time. But limitations only hamper your progress if you let it. You have to ensure nothing stops you from doing what you want and you will always find a way.


She works out in the Pilates studio she works or at home. She said, “Except for running, I can manage the other 2 (cycling and swimming) at her leisure. She cycles at home and goes swimming at around 3 pm.

She prefers running in the morning but because of teaching Pilates in the studio, it becomes difficult for her to do so in the morning but she's somehow managed to turn the world around’ to ensure she goes running in the morning. What this turning the world around means is that she wakes up early. But if she still fails to run in the morning she does so in the evening. She trains for 6 days.


She said that she got help from a couple of nutritionists to prepare a diet plan. However, she found it difficult to adhere to it.

But she ensured she picked up the important aspects every nutritionist suggested her. She started eating frequently but, in less quantity, rather than having heavy meals twice or thrice in the day. She ensured she was eating clean and involved more protein in her food.

She said that she follows the same basic rules of diet, like avoiding junk and eating a balanced diet. She said it’s the same thing that everyone knows but fails to stick to it.

She uses a lot of Fast&Up product and feels energetic.

Sports have always been an integral part of her life and she has played sports like Table tennis, Skating and Volleyball in the past. She has been a classical Bharatnatyam dancer for the last 15 years.

Mohit Raj

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