In Conversation with One of India’s Ace Runner - Anjali Saraogi

Published : Dec 04, 2019
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    In conversation with one of India’s ace runner-Anjali Saraogi

    Persistence is what describes Anjali Saraogi the best. Despite taking up running a little later, she has still managed to pen down her name amongst the best runners India has. She started her marathon journey at an age where many bid goodbye to the sport. But her passion and grit has taken her places and podiums in her bag. 

    She is a podium finisher at Mumbai marathons, one of the fastest finishers from India at the comrades, fastest timings from Indian women at the World Majors, and the list goes on. With TMM round the corner, here’s what she has got to say about it

    1. Your advice to runners running TMM for the first time.

    Run for the joy of running Mumbai. It’s a glorious race... run to enjoy those moments
    Trust your training and pace as per the plan. Do not get carried away by crowds and run faster than planned pace conserve for the last 10 k. The second half of race is hard due to the sun and return climb of Peddar road, on tired legs.
    Have a good nutrition plan pre, during and after the race. Fast&Up BCAA is vital for my training and so is Recover. The choc flavor gels provide ‘during race’ nutrition.
    If you are prone to cramps have a plan, since Mumbai weather is very dehydrating and we lose a lot of essential salts. I use Reload to replenish.

    2. My favorite TMM experience
    2018-Thomas Bobby Philip crossed me on 3k, then, ran backward, gave me high five and sped off.
    I got my TMM personal best that race -3.18
    Running on the sea link - the wind on my face, I feel I am a bird, flying free over forbidden land. I love running that stretch even though it’s graded and hard
    Very liberating feeling.

    3. Importance of nutrition in running

    Nutrition planning and training in running is as essential as the running training
    We can run only as well as our bodies can perform which totally depends on our food and supplement intake.
    Pre, during and post nutrition must be practiced and planned.
    Fast&Up Activate and BCAA provide excellent pre nutrition along with a sensible diet of natural food.
    Fast&Up gels and Reload are essential for ‘during race’ nutrition.
    One of the common reasons for hitting the wall in marathons is the lack of timely nutrition. Post nutrition is essential for recovery.
    Fast&Up Recover, Magnesio and Fortify are great supplements that I use regularly.
    We can only train as hard as we recover. Proper and adequate hydration, nutritious diet and rest are the crucial part.

    4. Why Fast&Up Reload is their go-to hydration for running

    Fast&Up Reload is the “go to” hydration in running since it provides all the essential salts and electrolytes that one needs to continue endurance activity. Running is dehydrating and depletes our body of essential salts which lead to cramps and fatigue and eventually make us stop running
    Sunny or no, we need to keep replenishing our bodies with adequate Reload for optimum performance and speedy recovery

    5. How TMM changed running habits in the nation
    TMM has been a Game Changer, creating a wave of awareness for fitness health and discipline in India.
    Thousands of people, advanced runners, recreational runners, and new runners, aspiring runners, now all train for this annual event. TMM has given India a reason to train. A reason to push their limits and strive for a better self. An opportunity to celebrate the yearlong disciplined hard training that most have dedicated themselves to TMM partnering with Fast &Up is helping India understand, benefit from and appreciate the important value of “intelligent nutrition “ and secrets of personal excellence.

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