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Importance Plant Protein Powder for Women

We have always noticed that protein is consumed by men who are into fitness. However, it is equally important for women to have protein for the proper functioning of the body. Protein is a macronutrient that helps in building muscles, cells, enzymes etc. It acts as an energy source building a healthy body. Women are multi-taskers and working all day long it is necessary for them to eat right. 

Importance Of Protein Powder for Women - Fast&Up

Why is protein important?

1. Helps in weight control :

Whether you want to lose, gain or control weight, protein is important. It keeps you full and reduces your craving for a long period of time. Dairy products, tofu, meat, almonds etc are rich in protein. It is a very vital part of a women’s diet.

 2. Builds lean muscles:

Muscles are broken and rebuilt, the cycle goes on. Your body should produce more muscle protein in order to get lean muscles. Lean muscles increase the metabolic rate which in turn increases the fat burning rate in one’s body. It is crucial to have adequate protein for building muscles.

Plant Protein Powder for Women - Fast&Up

3. Helps in pregnancy:

Protein helps in tissue building and growth in the body. It helps both the mother and the baby. Protein can also be extracted through dietary foods such as eggs, nuts, seeds, lentils etc. However, it is demanding to incorporate everything in your daily diet. This is where supplements come into the picture to provide you with sufficient protein. It is recommended to have 1.3 grams per kg per day.

4. Keeps bones, skin and hair healthy:

Protein plays a vital role in keeping your bones, skin and nails healthy. Collagen is a protein produced naturally which strengthens the skin, provides hydration and increases blood flow to the skin. Early aging and wrinkles due to protein deficiency in the body. It also keeps the nails and hair strong and healthy

Therefore consumption of protein is vital in one’s body. The requirement of protein varies according to age, physical activity, mass weight and several other parameters. Provide what your body needs and lead a healthy life.

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