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Importance of Vitamin C for The Little Ones

Fill your plates with the colours of the rainbow. What pleases the eye, pleases the body.

Parents have usually been spotted telling their kids to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits as it is full of vitamins and minerals. Nurturing your kids and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from the beginning would be fruitful in the near future. Vitamin C is an important supplement that has innumerable benefits. 

Importance of Vitamin c For Kids - Fast&Up

Here are top 3 benefits of Vitamin C - 

Helps in treating cold or flu: 

Whenever kids catch a cold or flu, the doctor recommends to include juices and fruits in their diet. Have you ever wondered why? Because it contains vitamin C which helps in treating cold and keeping your body and health in good shape. Statistics show that an average child catches six to eight colds or flu every year. Adopting a healthy diet would make your child less prone to fall ill.

Acts as an immunity booster:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that acts as an immunity booster for little kids. Having a strong immunity helps in fighting the germs and bacteria and prevents your child from falling sick more often. Since the cells and tissues are still being developed, the intake of vitamins and minerals is very crucial to make your system immune and stronger.

Helps in building strong muscles:

Vitamin C helps in forming muscles and blood vessels. It also helps in the formulation of collagen which is the primary element of connectivity tissues. It also helps in building healthy bones and teeth which is super important during the child’s formative years.

The body can’t produce vitamins on its own so there must be an adequate intake of vitamins in your child’s body. Also, we know that children are very picky and it is a task to make them have vegetables and fruits every day. Try giving a supplement instead.

Fast&Up Charge Kidz is the perfect supplement your child needs which is flavourful, packed with vitamins and minerals with no artificial colours and preservatives added. It is simple to use, just put one tablet in the water and let it fizz, and let your kid enjoy the tasty drink building strong immunity.

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