Hydration for Athletes: How Hydration Affects Performance

Importance of Hydration for Athletes

Hydration is an effective way to keep oneself injury-free after proper training and stretching. Hydration helps a player to stay fit both physically and mentally which boosts their performance and help them reach their maximum performance level. However, while playing in the scorching heat, players face the problem of over hydration. When the body expels more water than it actually intakes, the players become sluggish, suffer from muscle cramps, body movements become uneasy and painful and performance gets hampered. Thus, hydrating the body is vital for being fit.

Importance of Hydration for Athletes

One of the effective ways of staying hydrated is through drinking an adequate amount of water, especially in summers. Most of us used to carry our bottles to playgrounds to keeps ourselves hydrated and fight fatigue. These days those bottles have been replaced by sippers. Sippers are easy to carry and handle and also drinking water is convenient. Fast&Up Italian Sippers are convenient, leak-proof and squeezable which do not smell and make water taste bad.

Hydration - Pre, During and Post Performance

Hydrating oneself before the match is very important as one should stay energized to give his best and improve his performance. Hydrating just a half-hour before the game ensures that you are never low on the water content in your body and have to face dehydration.

Also, hydration is important for a player during his game. One should make sure that he keeps on drinking fluids even during the game time to restore the electrolytes lost during the game due to sweat and save oneself from fatigue and stress and give his best performance.

Importance of Hydration for Athletes

Also, Post-match hydration is necessary as the one who does not replenish important nutrients in the correct manner than he might get muscle cramps. He will have less energy for the entire day and will feel dizzy and will be in no mood to do any activity that day.

Best Drink for Hydration

Fast&Up Reload is a hypotonic effervescent hydration supplement during workout for instant hydration and electrolyte replenishment an athlete. It helps to replenish electrolytes due to sweat. India’s first Informed Choice Certified Fast&Up Reload is a hydration supplement that helps you to beat the heat and prevent dehydration while you train, travel or perform any activity.

Importance of Hydration for Athletes

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