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IHFF Mumbai - 2018

Everyone who does either weight or endurance training must have surely heard about the supplement BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) once in a while. So, what is a BCAA? Is it essential to supplement it with training? How will it help someone to smash their workouts? Many questions might be storming through your minds right? We're always here to help you out. Following are some amazing 5 facts about BCAA we think you should know about. So, let's start?

1.BCAAs are the whole set of three essential amino acids namely L-leucine, L-isoleucine and Valine. Essential amino acids are those, which the human body doesn't produce itself and hence needs to be supplemented.

2.They may help in reducing your muscle fatigue.

3.They help to reduce muscle soreness by reducing the enzyme called lactate dehydrogenase in your body. So, lesser the muscle soreness better will be your performance in next workout. 4.They help you build more muscles. Yes! They do. Leucine has anabolic effects on protein metabolism by increasing the rate of protein synthesis and reducing the rate of protein degradation in the resting human muscles.

5.The BCAAs will help in saving your hard gain muscles even when you're on a fat loss diet i.e. going calorie restriction.

They help you SAVE YOUR MUSCLES! Isn't it amazing?

Excited to try BCAA now? What if we say Fast&Up's Informed Sport BCAA is packed with many other jolting ingredients, also with some tastiest flavours. So, what makes this BCAA much appreciating? Here we start:


Glutamine is an abundant non-essential amino acid present in the human muscles. When the body goes under immense pressure either due to high-intensity training or due illness, the glutamine depletes. So, it is very important to supplement glutamine in order to kick-start the muscle recovery.


It is a non-essential amino acid which is not related to protein synthesis. So, what does Taurine do? Helps you in following ways-
a.Gain some badass strength.
b.Get some nice pump post workout.
c.Improved athletic performance; etc
The general dosage of taurine should be from 1-3 grams.


It is a semi-essential amino acid. It acts as a vasodilator that means it widens the blood vessels thus resulting in improved blood flow and nitric oxide levels promising some good pumps.

4.Minerals and Vitamin-B complex:

It is loaded with the rich amount of minerals which acts as an electrolyte helping you avoid muscle cramps during a workout. Vitamins are for your overall wellness.

Fast&Up BCAA comes in a tasty watermelon flavour. Also, we are coming up with an exciting new flavour now. Want to know what it is? Why don't you visit us at the IHFF, Mumbai-2018 and find it yourself? Try and taste our free samples of BCAA at Asia's largest fitness festival and try to grab some exciting freebies from us in this fitness expo.

We are very eager to meet you all at the expo and guide you out of all your dilemmas. Why? Because your fitness is our priority!

To know more about Fast&Up products kindly visit us at www.fastandup.in.

Aditya Singh

-Expert and Writer

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