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IHFF 2018 | Fast&Up BCAA

There is a storm of thoughts that blast in your mind as soon as you enter your gym irrespective of the fact you being an amateur or an advanced athlete. Let us guess! These are the 5 common thoughts you must have gone through in the gym and Fast&Up would love to help you resolve them by giving our best shot in the IHFF Expo this year. So, let's start?

1.God! How do I burn fat and gain muscles at the same time?

2.Leg day frights

3.Pre-workout kicks

4.When you feel little af

5.OMG! My BCAA is finished!

6.I so wish to have strong legs.

7.When you're super excited about IHFF:

8.When the gym playlists sucks:

9.When an amateur corrects your form:

10.When you're always excited and wondering about the new flavours coming by Fast&Up:

We are coming up with exciting new flavours of our Informed Sport certified BCAA at the fitness festival this time.

Kindly visit us on www.fastandup.in and we will be present in IHFF, Mumbai-2018.

Aditya Singh

-Expert and Writer