Airtel Hyderabad Marathon August 2017, Hyderabad Marathon Tips, Half Marathon, 10k Run & 5k Run

Airtel Hyderabad Marathon August 2017

While it is true that there are no shortcuts or 'hacks' for marathon running, we have some tips and tricks that can help ensure that you are at your marathon best, whether you are running the full marathon, half marathon, 10k or the fun 5k. Read on to know how you can boost your performance and your spirits for this upcoming Hyderabad Marathon 2017:

  1. Hydrate yourself
Hydration is key during your workout and training as well but especially before a marathon. It is important to keep the body hydrated and nourished so that it is at its best during your run. Consume plenty of fluids!

  1. Keep it healthy!
Start carb-loading in moderation 3-4 days prior to your workout, you will need the energy for your run! Fuel yourself with food rich in prebiotics and probiotics such as banana, mushrooms, garlic, almond, and oats. Post-workout and pre-workout nutrition are as important as your run, do not take it lightly!

  1. Motivate the best in you
Even though it doesn't seem very integral, motivating yourself is an important part of your marathon preparation and training. Watch a motivational movie, listen to some thumping music and gear up for the run. The Shawshank Redemption, 3 Idiots, The Pursuit of Happyness are some of our favorites! Push yourself with some motivation, every step of the Hyderabad marathon!

  1. Take it easy on the training
Marathon training is one thing runners don't take lightly, although it?s best to give your body the rest it needs, especially a few days before the Hyderabad marathon. You could take short brisk walks to warm up a little, but it?s always best to avoid strength and power training for the last few days up till the marathon.

  1. Play it safe
Running the Hyderabad marathon will be no easy task, but the right tips and tricks can always help! Make sure you don't experiment with any new running gear, be it clothes or shoes etc, just days before running. It's always better to stick with the tried, tested and trusted.

  1. Enjoy the running!
Preparing for the Hyderabad marathon is no easy task, but amidst all the training and prepping don't forget to enjoy the marathon, and take immense pride and happiness in the fact that you even registered for the marathon and took an effort to run! Running is meant to be a stress reliever, and that's just what it should be doing for you!

Happy marathon running!