6 Ways To Train For A Half Marathon

Published : May 18, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    Running a half marathon has become quite a trend and is now a fastest growing distance running competition with millions of runners participating in the same every year worldwide. However even if it is a half marathon there is a lot that goes into its preparation. Right from having trained for mental strength to having a good pair of shoes, a half marathon requires as much as preparation like any other sports.

    Here are some key essentials on how to train for a half marathon- 

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    1. Train for at least 13 weeks

    There are misconceptions on the duration of the training prior to your actual race. It has been believed that a week training is sufficient for a half marathon. However this isn’t true. A minimum of 13 weeks is known to be appropriate for a half marathon race. That is, for every mile of the race, 13 weeks is long enough duration to efficiently build up for the long run. This can include endurance based workouts and a 4 to 5 miles of running daily for starters. 

    2. Run on different surfaces 

    It is always important to know what kind of surface you are going to run on the marathon day. And it is quite easy to step out of your house and run on the same route every day or get on the treadmill daily. However, a switch on the surface is very crucial for a marathon. Surfaces which are softer, grasses, trails are some kinds which you can easily train on and get a hang on to get prepared for your actual race day. It is also important to switch your shoes as well. Depending upon the surface you can opt for the shoes which can reduce running related injuries.

    3. Choose your nutrition wisely

    An ideal nutrition is no rocket science and no new thing. As much as it is important to experiment with the right fuel prior to your race day it is also crucial that once you identify what kind of fuel suits your body it is not advisable to change then. Changing your nutrition time and again can only cause stomach related issues. Hence do your research well, and plan accordingly. What sports drink or gels can be best suited for you depends upon every individual’s body.

    Once you decide what kind of fuel is good for you, you need to decide how much is preferable. While running a half marathon, it is quite possible that you may run out of energy and electrolytes half way and that’s when you need to refuel with your favorite sports drink of choice.  

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    4. Study the course

    To go on the field blinded or not well prepared will only lead to various problems while you run. Hence to study the race course during the weeks is very important to not get any surprises on the actual event day. Once you know what the surface feels like, you can simulate the same in your workouts, on while running practices. 

    5. Train your mental muscle

    You got the best shoes, best apparels and the best sports drink to boost up your race but if you are not fit mentally, all things can go in vein. Just as you practice your daily runs, it is important to also work on your mental fitness. Visualize in your head how your race day would look like, gather excitement and enthusiasm for the same and fill up yourself with all the confidence and positivity in your head. Because being mentally fit allows your physical fitness to be at its peak and best. 

    6. Hydration

    A well hydrated body is a must during your training, or actual race day. When you train you sweat and when you sweat you lose electrolytes. Drinking mere water isn’t sufficient as it doesn’t fulfills your body’s nutritive value as it should hence drinking water should be supported with a hydrating or electrolytes based supplements.
    Fast&Up Reload is an electrolyte based supplement which comprises of essential salts, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. It gives instant hydration and energy, prevents muscle cramp and keeps you well hydrated throughout your race.

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