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We keep wondering as to why are we always insomniac, why are we the ones with an irregular sleep-wake up cycle, why are we fat, why can’t we lose weight even after all the hard efforts to lose weight, why we still can’t see the scale moving, why am I so tired, how to maintain a work life or personal and professional balance, how to master the art of being healthy and fit.

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The turbulent thoughts of anxiety over health and wellness never seem to end. But worry not, there is a solution to all of it. Yes, there is!

The main cause for poor health is nutrition deficiency. Yes, that’s right!

Our body is too demanding when it comes to essential nutrients required for us to stay active, sleep well or for overall health and maintenance. There is a combination of many vital nutrients that are required by the body on a daily basis to work in tandem or in sync to make sure that the physical and mental engines of our body are working just fine.

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To ensure that you meet daily nutrition goals, make sure that you have a good and effective multivitamin daily.


Multivitamins consist of all the vitamins, minerals, rare trace minerals which are essential for maintenance of overall health and wellness. They provide with energy required to convert food into energy. So, even if you are having a good healthy balanced diet, you will still need these warriors to convert food into energy which will help you stay active, feel good and do more in your day.

Each vitamin, mineral, rare trace mineral or any nutrient has a specific and vital role to play in our daily health and it’s very important that our body gets them in adequate and optimal quantities. If the body is deprived of daily multivitamins, our body will soon start to show symptoms of it’s deficiency like fatigue, exhaustion, lethargy, hair loss, dull skin, increased episodes of cold, illness, insomnia, poor bone health, compromised immune levels and many more. However, while it is important to take multivitamins, there are other nutrients too which can needs to be consumed daily like amino acids. Make sure you fuel your body with necessary nutrients.

Fast&Up Vitalize: Daily multivitamins for complete health


While there are several multivitamins in the market, make sure you pick one that meets daily recommended dosage levels to help you maintain daily nutrition goals for overall health and wellness.  Also, it is important that you take a daily multivitamin supplement that is great on absorption and effectiveness. No one wants to flush them out without doing any good to the body.

Fast&Up Vitalize is an ideal daily multivitamin supplement as it is formulated with the daily recommended levels of all the essential Vitamins, Minerals, Rare Trace Minerals and Antioxidant for maintenance of overall health and wellness. And guess what, there is no added sugar. Available in effervescent tablet form and in tasty orange flavor, it is the best multivitamin supplement as it offers higher absorption and bioavailability with superior compliance, convenience and effectiveness compared to any other conventional form of supplementation.

Just drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, allow it to dissolve completely (1-2 minutes) and then Drink everyday after breakfast or meal. Take 1-2 tablets daily for maintenance of overall health and wellness.

Fast&Up Vitalize: Vitamins Minerals Everyday

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-Expert and Writer

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