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Everyone likes to travel, be it an adventurous solo trip or a relaxing beach vacation with your family. Travel is the perfect break from daily routine, where we can relax and recharge ourselves.

But with the relaxation and leisure, it is difficult to keep in touch with the exercise routine. Sometimes there's just no time to fit in exercise in the schedule, other times we can't find the perfect place to exercise, like a gym, and we often just end up saying, "Forget about it."

This article is for someone who travels frequently, be it for business or pleasure but still wants to fit in exercise even with the busy schedule. Here are some ways you can stay fit and exercise even while travelling and all you need is motivation and enthusiasm, no heavy equipment!

1. Sightseeing Run HOW TO STAY FIT WHILE TRAVELLING An early morning run or jog around town is the perfect way to complete your workout for the day, and the feeling of experiencing a new place, early in the morning is amazing. You can get your alone time with the run, discover new places, see the city in a different way or make it a run with your partner and there you have a unique type of date!

2. Hiking HOW TO STAY FIT WHILE TRAVELLING For those of you who love adventurous vacations, or even for those of you who have always wanted to try new adventures, hiking is the best way to start. Find out which are the best hiking trails in and around your location and get going. The view from the top, as you look down at the small houses and people will be a feeling you won't forget.

3. Yoga HOW TO STAY FIT WHILE TRAVELLING Yoga is a practice that nourishes your mind, body and soul. Wherever you are in the world, you can find a yoga class that you can join. It is popular all over the world, and while completing your exercise for the day, you also get to see how different instructors make yoga interesting.
No time to join a class? You can always practice simple yoga poses right in your hotel room.

4. Rent Bicycles HOW TO STAY FIT WHILE TRAVELLING Any tourist destination you go to, you will find places where you can rent bicycles for economical prices. A small backpack, some sunscreen and a cycle is the best way to experience the city just the way you want to. The workout actually seems like just an added bonus. And if it's a trip with friends, then hire a tandem bike and have a fun filled day with them!

A few more ways to stay active while travelling are,
  1. Quit the lift and take the stairs.
  2. Walk to nearby place instead using vehicles.
  3. Utilize the attractions of the destination for exercise, like water sports in beach towns.
  4. Hotel Room or Hotel Gym workout sessions.
Now that you know how to follow your exercise regimen the next time you go for a trip, it is also important that you don't lose your energy. High amount of activity, combined with the different weather and food can cause you to lose energy quickly and this can spoil the fun of the trip. HOW TO STAY FIT WHILE TRAVELLING This is where Fast&Up comes to the rescue! Fast&Up Reload is the perfect hydration supplement for you, even on the go. The hypotonic formula containing essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes will keep you hydrated throughout the day. The effervescent formula makes it easy to use.

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Pooja Kumar

-Expert and Writer