How to prepare for a competitive event, Preparing for a marathon

How To Prepare For A Competitive Event

Competition forces us to do our best

If you have thought about it, the office environment is no less than preparing for a marathon. You train yourself, go for various training runs and wait for one of the biggest races where you finally run the race you were training so hard for. How is it similar to your work? Simple - You work year long, make presentations, go for meetings and develop new skills all for an evaluation that ensures your hard work can be rewarded during your review. So do you agree? Life is just like a marathon and cannot sprint if you want to go far. Hence, even if you aren?t preparing for the big Mumbai race, this blog is equally important for you if you want to win at life. Read a few secret ways that you can ensure you always ace this race called life! 1) Be Proactive What differentiates failure and success? How you look at the hurdle. The way you look at your problems can make a world of difference in your approach. Proactive people assess the situation and see how can they make the most of it. This will help not only in your workplace or training but also in every aspect of your life. For example, you have to work on a new product launch and the rules in your industry change, most people would complain and say it won?t be possible and be upset with it but proactive people will understand that change is inevitable and ask - ?What can I do now to make it better?? This question though easy requires more effort and determination that the easier path of complaining and hence it is the path less taken but the path offering most rewards. The same goes for your training, your race route may change, and hence your training will alter, but assess what you can do to make your situation better rather than focusing on the negative aspects.HabitsBlog2 2) Begin With The End In Mind What you want to achieve, your end goal decides how you go ahead in life, the same goes for your training. You want to finish a full marathon, your training will demand you to wake up early, run farther than you have ever run, train harder than you ever did - the same goes for the success you want to achieve in your career. Every 10K, half marathon or full marathon can only be a dream run if you train hard for every run before the real race. One of those training aspects is what Fast&Up can help you with - whether in life or your race nutrition and care of your health is of paramount importance. With its innovative effervescent products that cater to before, during and after workout nutrition along with everyday essentials such as bone care, immunity & multivitamins - Fast&Up helps you ace your race of life & otherwise! So order today on www.fastandup.inHabitBlog3 3) Prioritize Think about this: What we say - I will go to the gym today, I will run more today, I will spend more time with my family today. What we do - Organize, paperwork and just work in general We all have a lot to do but putting first things first help us plan our day better and thinking about the right nutrition makes sure we get more out of our life. Do read point two again and use Fast&Up to help you plan your nutrition! The same goes to your training, prioritize your training and don?t let things come the way of things you want to achieve and this will help make you plan your day better and feel you are getting more out of your day!HealthBlog4 4) Synergize & Win-Win Let us assume this situation, you and your friend both love running and are parts of different running groups. You get to know a practice your friends group follow which helps improve the pace, you share it with your group who thank the fellow group and vice versa your group use better products for nutrition and health such as Fast&Up which help to increase endurance, lesser soreness along with overall health which your friend appreciates and so does the group. This way, a larger group of people have benefitted from a simple gesture of sharing and appreciation. The is the same approach you need in your corporate environment because if you want to go far in life, you can only do so with a good support system which is created in a positive environment. It would have easier for you or your friend to not share your methods but then neither would have gained a social win of seeing a lot of people benefit but just a few. And as you do this, you will work with more people and it is important for you to find people you can synergize with and create more opportunities of achievement. This is easier when you want to prepare for a race, you should have a running buddy or run with a group of people who will understand your difficulties and help to overcome your limitations and just like that, try getting the same in your life - you will find yourself succeeding that too!HabitsBlog5 5) Be Sharp Consider this - You are trying to cut vegetables but they aren?t getting cut properly. You have a basket of vegetables to cut and you are still stuck on the first one because it isn?t getting diced. Your friend sees this and comes to tell you that you need to sharpen your knife to make this process easier and you look at your friend and reply, ?But that will take too much time!? You may say it is ridiculous but think about how many times we promise going for a 30 minute run or gym session or promise to read more every night - how many times do we actually do this and then we try to search for tricks that can help us be effective in life. Hence, remember that while we are chasing numbers or targets, we should not forget to sharpen the saw. Constantly keep updating yourself as you do with your gadgets. Go ahead, win in this race called life!HabitsBlog6 Tell us what you think and share this article if you liked it!