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At this point, it is no secret that the rapid outbreak of COVID-19 has left the global community in a precarious situation. More and more people are contracting the virus every day and the world seems to have little to no answer as to how to combat the outbreak. Under such dire circumstances, it becomes extremely important that we, as an individual, do everything in our powers to keep ourselves healthy and most importantly keep our immune system strong.
During the 21-day lockdown, the word 'Immunity' has been a constant presence amongst the headlines as health professionals are urging us to keep our guards up and keep our immunity strong. And to counter the problems we are facing today, the best weapon we have is our immunity.

Certain guidelines such as regularly washing hands, staying indoors and maintaining social distance are a few ways prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to keep coronavirus at bay. While the aforementioned guidelines are important, there are certain ways in which you can boost your immune system. In a nutshell, you ought to do things right - live a healthy lifestyle, have good nutrition, meditate often, get adequate sleep, etc.

Having 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep every night is very important. Failing to do so might affect your sleep cycle which may take a toll on your immunity.

One should also indulge in at least 30 minutes of rigorous activities daily to keep our heart rate at check while also to boost our immune system. Some of the easiest yet effective work-outs you can try at home are - dancing, Zumba, yoga, body-weight full body work-outs.

One of the best gifts we get from mother nature is naturally occurring Vitamin D from sunlight. While you can obtain Vitamin D from your diet, rays from the sun especially early in the morning is more effective. However, during the lockdown, maybe food is your best bet. Try a sunbath after the lockdown is over.

Another factor that plays an important role in lowering our resistance to viruses or foreign objects is our mental health. Higher levels of stress can decrease the body's lymphocytes (White Blood Cells) which helps to fight off various types of infections. The lower your lymphocyte levels, the more your body is prone to attack by viruses. Higher stress levels also cause depression and anxiety. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption should be prohibited to keep stress under control.

Healthy eating is the most important tool to boost your immunity and resist pathogen attacks. As the famous saying goes, 'You are what you EAT'. Speaking of diet specifics, for breakfast, you can include sprouts salad, high protein sources such as legumes and pulses. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are a great source of dietary fibre which helps in digestion and to keep your intestinal tract healthy. To keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy and running efficiently, the consumption of foods rich in probiotics is essential. Yoghurt and buttermilk are a great source of healthy gut bacteria and can be added to your diet after lunch.

Your diet must contain all the necessary macronutrients, micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins as noted by the RDA. Delving into the finer details, a good amount of Vitamin C is a must. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is key to our immune system running strong. Vitamin C can be obtained from fresh citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, sweet lime and Amla (Indian gooseberry). Amla is considered as one of the most traditional and richest sources of Vitamin C. Although Vitamin C serves an important role in keeping our immune strong, most of us will find it difficult to complete the daily requirements of the vitamin from fruits alone. To fulfil your daily goal, you can try Fast&Up Charge. Charge is a great source of natural vitamin C that is derived from Amla. It also contains 10mg of Zinc which is an important trace element.
Another superfood you can try adding to your diet is garlic. Garlic helps in lowering blood pressure & prevents the hardening of arteries. It is considered an immune-boosting superfood because of its higher concentration of sulphur compound known as allicin in it. Ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory agent & possesses cholesterol-lowering properties and should not be left out.

Staying hydrated is equally important for various body functions and to keep immunity in check. It is recommended to have 3.5 - 4 litres of water every day.

But because of the dynamic nature of our daily routine, most of us tend to ignore nutrition and diet as an important aspect of living. As a result, we fail to nourish the body with the right nutrients, which over the course of time can lead to poor immune health. While we do recommend sticking to natural food sources as much as possible, a multivitamin supplement could prove to be a great solution for people looking to fulfil the daily requirement of nutrients in their diet. Fast&Up Vitalize is a great source of daily essential multivitamins covering all the requirements for a healthy lifestyle.

Our immune system is the primary defence system for our body. While medications can always help, each and every one can avoid needing medicines in the first place by doing the basics right and keeping our body healthy. With the global community trying hard to find a cure for coronavirus, let's all of us pledge to follow the simple guidelines and fight coronavirus with everything we've got. #StayAtHome? more like #StayStrongAtHome!